4 key considerations for selecting a power amplifier with a speaker

4 key considerations for selecting a power amplifier with a speaker

China Home Theater Network (): Why did you buy a good amplifier and speakers why the sound quality is still so bad? Is it still troublesome for the amplifier to receive the speaker debugging? When planning and installing a sound system In the sound, the sound of the whole set of equipment should be neutral, which is only from the artistic point of view. From the aspect of skills, the elements of the amplifier and speaker are:

Amplifier connected speakers 4 elements What should I do if the speakers have noise?

Power matching

In order to reach the demand of high fidelity listening, the extra power should be judged according to the best listening sound pressure. We all have the experience: low volume, weak sound, thin, dynamic, no dull, low frequency, short, fullness Poor, the sound is like shrinking in the inside; the volume is sound, the sound is natural, clear, round, soft, full, powerful, dynamic; when the volume is too loud, the sound is not soft, rough, and has a feeling of root Therefore, the sound pressure level of the playback has a large relationship with the sound quality. The sound pressure level of the regular listening area is preferably 80-85 dB (A weighting), and the interval from the listening area to the speaker and the characteristic activity of the speaker. To calculate the extra power of the speaker and the extra power of the amplifier.

Power reserve matching

In order to make the speaker with the impact of strong pulses in the program signal without damage or distortion, there is an experience worthy of reference: the selected speaker's nominal extra power should be three times the theoretically calculated power. Tube amp and crystal Compared with the power amplifier, the required power storage is different. Here, the over-charge curve of the tube amp is relatively flat. For the peak of the over-charged music signal, the tube amp does not have a significant skinning appearance, and only the top of the pole is rounded. This is the so-called flexible clipping. After the transistor is placed at the overload point, the nonlinear distortion is added agilely, and the signal is severely clipped. It is not to round the pole but to flatten it. The choice of amplifier storage capacity is: high-fidelity power amplifier is 10 times; using advanced power amplifier is 6-7 times; using mid-range power amplifier is 3-4 times; public broadcasting system and tube amp can be much smaller than the above ratio. How much margin should be left between the pressure level and the maximum sound pressure level, depending on the content of the delivery and the working environment. This redundancy is at least 10dB. For modern pop music, Judy and other music, the demand is

Impedance matching

It refers to the additional output impedance of the amplifier, which should be consistent with the extra impedance of the speaker. At this point, the amplifier is in the best planned load line condition, so it can give the maximum undistorted power, if the extra impedance of the speaker is greater than the additional output impedance of the amplifier, The actual output power of the amplifier will be less than the extra output power. If the extra impedance of the speaker is less than the additional output impedance of the amplifier, the sound system can work, but the power amplifier has the risk of overload, and the power amplifier has perfect overcurrent protection measures to deal with the tube amplifier. In terms of impedance matching requirements are becoming more stringent.

Damping coefficient matching (this is the most difficult to understand)

The damping coefficient KD is defined as: KD = power amplifier extra output impedance (equal to the speaker's extra impedance) / power amplifier output internal resistance. Since the power amplifier and output internal resistance have become the speaker's resistance equipment in practice, the KD value determines the speaker's exposure. The larger the resistance, the larger the KD value, the heavier the resistance. The KD value of the amplifier is not as large as possible. The KD value is too large, so that the speaker resistance is too heavy, so that the pulse front increases the public broadcasting system, and the transient response echoes. Target. Therefore, when choosing a power amplifier, it should not be unilaterally pursued with a large KD value. As a home high-fidelity power amplifier, the damping system has an experience value for reference; the transistor power amplifier KD value is greater than or equal to 40, and the tube power amplifier KD value is greater than or equal to 6 To ensure the basic conditions of the steady-state characteristics and transient characteristics of the playback, attention should be paid to the cooperation between the equivalent mechanical quality factor (Qm) of the speaker and the damping coefficient (KD) of the amplifier. This cooperation requires the speaker feeder to be the sound system. Part of the whole to think about. The power loss of the speaker feeder is 0.5dB (about 12%) to reach this cooperation. More home theater audio knowledge is welcome to pay attention to China's home theater network official WeChat: cnhifi.

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