Site safety solution based on Internet of Things technology

Site safety solution based on Internet of Things technology

1. About IoT Security

The Internet of Things is also called the sensor network, which is the Internet connected by objects. The core and foundation of the Internet of Things is the Internet. Through various sensors, the client of the Internet is extended and extended to various object targets.

Innovatively combines intelligent video analytics technology with IoT technology to turn a video capture terminal with intelligent video analytics into an intelligent video sensor, which is used to establish an interactive connection with objects in the video scene to perceive Feature information of the target within the video scene. Its main applications include:

(1) Identifying the face and sensing the identity of the person;

(2) Analyze the behavior of people and things to prevent perimeter invasion;

(3) Perceive the flow of people for passenger flow statistics and analysis;

(4) Perceive the disappearance or appearance of people or things, and use them for property preservation and suspicious relics identification.

In addition to intelligent video sensors, Fei Ruisi also uses various sensor technologies such as subsonic pressure, pan infrared, vibration and acceleration for security monitoring applications, and uses the technology of the Internet of Things to solve security needs, thus launching various industries. IoT security solutions.

2. Target group

Various types of construction sites.

3. Solve the problem

(1) Real-time monitoring when unattended, and auxiliary monitoring and analysis when manned;

(2) Alarms, linkages, and on-site deterrence against illegal intrusions;

(3) Real-time viewing of the site on the mobile phone video;

(4) Employee attendance management;

(5) Remote inspection of construction site by the competent government department;

4. Implementation

The implementation of the entire solution is based on a digital network video platform that can receive, distribute and store video and other front-end information, and implement alarm linkage and other processing on it. There are also mobile video support, face recognition attendance and access control management systems. When some network sites are inconvenient for network cabling, multiple wireless methods such as 3G and WIFI can be used for network access.

System implementation architecture diagram

Safety site plan system architecture diagram

(1) The core of the construction perimeter intelligent perimeter security is the perimeter defense DVS, which automatically analyzes the perimeter intrusion behavior, real-time alarm, parallel local alarm output, threatening crime;

(2) Video surveillance viewing can be viewed through PC or mobile phone;

(3) The attendance and access control of the staff at the construction site is realized by using the biometric terminal Fei Ruisi face recognition attendance access control machine.

(4) It can be connected to a normal DVS device to increase the scope of the monitoring area.

(5) The competent government department can establish a monitoring and command center through the network video platform, which can be viewed remotely through PC and mobile phone, and can be displayed on a large screen.

(6) If the monitoring site does not have wiring conditions, the front-end video wireless networking access can be performed through 3G and WIFI.

5. Main advantages

(1) The perfect combination of video surveillance and intelligent video applications. PC, mobile phone monitoring all-in-one implementation.

(2) Perimeter defense function based on intelligent video analysis technology, low false positives, no false negatives, and the latest video analysis algorithms, effectively assisting the promotion of human defense into intelligent technical defense, ensuring corporate property and personal safety.

(3) Application of face recognition technology for attendance management, 99.9% accurate identification, 1 second fast recognition, contactless identification, photo archiving and other technical advantages perfectly supported. Time and attendance will stop the card.

(4) Mobile video can view live video information of the site in real time.

(5) Government departments can conduct remote video surveillance at any time through the network and 3G mobile phones.

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