Four categories of car LED screens need to know the inventory

Four categories of car LED screens need to know the inventory

Car LED display is a set of display system that is independent with the rapid development of LED display. Compared with ordinary door head screen and fixed and non-moving LED display, it is stable, anti-interference, anti-vibration , Dust and other requirements are higher. LED display screens are classified in different ways. The following describes its classification from four aspects:

1. Classification according to lamp bead spacing

1. P6: The lamp bead spacing is 6mm, generally used in taxi advertising screens, with delicate display and visual distance of 10-50m

2. P7.62: The horizontal distance is 6mm, the vertical distance is 7.62mm, and the viewing distance is 30-80m

3. P10: The lamp bead spacing is 10mm, which is widely used in bus screens

2. Classification by color

1. Monochrome: generally has the colors of red, yellow, blue, green, and white lights, and is mainly used for displaying advertisements on the top of taxis, and displaying road sign information on the front and back sides of buses;

2. Two-color: One screen has two colors, mainly used for bus function screen; full color: also known as color screen, mainly used to display full-color advertising information for other types of car body, most of the area is relative to single and double color The car screen is larger and the production cost is higher, but the advertising effect is better.

3. Classification by carrier

1. Taxi LED walking screen: taxi top screen / rear window screen, LED strip screen for scrolling text, mostly in single and double colors, most of them display some text information to scroll advertisement information.

2. Large truck LED screen: the main body of the truck is converted into an LED display, and the full-color picture is displayed in high-definition highlights. It can be displayed on the periphery of the car body with high protection levels such as waterproof and anti-sunlight LED displays. High-definition full-color display of advertising information, richer display to achieve a more intuitive impression to passers-by on the roadside.

3. Bus LED display: mainly used to display street signs on buses, and mostly in single and double colors.

4. Classification by way of advertising

1. Serial type / U disk type: When the number of cars is small, or the content of the word is not changed frequently, such as the bus station platform display. When changing the content of the text in the screen, you need to connect the computer to change with a serial cable, or save the content to be changed into the U disk to save, and then plug it into the USB interface of the screen. (However, there can be no other content in the U disk)

2. GPRS type: When the car reaches a certain number, it will be very troublesome to change the content of the words one by one. Or it would be very troublesome to change the content of the word frequently, so directly using the computer remote control will bring more convenience to our customers, with less effort.

3. GPS type: The GPS type and the GPRS type are the same in advertising, but other functions of GPS bring a lot of convenience to the taxi company management. In addition, because the GPS will take the satellite time at any time, the GPS-type LED display screen is much better than the GPRS-type walking screen in terms of advertising synchronization. GPS type LED car display can be accurate to the second in terms of advertising synchronization.

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