Application of Load Cell in Intelligent Filling Process

Application of Load Cell in Intelligent Filling Process

Application of Load Cell in Intelligent Filling Process As a global subsidiary of the Krones AG Group, a leader in the labeling and packaging of plastic bottles and glass bottles, KOSME Group provides customers with on-site beverage and packaging solutions. The new generation of WEIGHFILL net fillers uses innovative digital weighing technology from HBM.

KOSME filling equipment KOSME has developed new WEIGHFILL fillers with low-pressure tanks for special applications. Because they are easy to clean and disinfect, filling items can be quickly replaced. Foaming, more moisture and viscous liquids are as easy to pour as conductive and non-conductive liquids. The reason is because it uses the smart weighing technology from the HBM - FIT? Digital load cell. Because the FIT? load cell can monitor and control the end point, the filling process can be monitored constantly and with extremely high accuracy. Before starting the filling, each tank needs to measure the tare weight to meet the requirements. This ensures that no material is allowed in the filling process and problems arise.

...HBM provides key components for smart filling.

During each stage of the filling process – from the bottle to the weighing platform, from rough to fine, from reflow to final inspection – HBM's digital load cell plays a key role. However, FIT? does not stop there. As the first digital load cell in this market, its built-in circuitry can control complex filling processes. The practical significance is that intelligent load cells not only provide important measurement values, but also can be analyzed and used to improve the filling accuracy and speed. So FIT? can manage and control the funnel valve, which in turn controls the entire filling process.

Not only that, digital load cells can evaluate every filling cycle and certify the perfect termination point. In addition, FITTM can automatically acquire test values ​​and optimize the filling process from each filling process.

The advantage is obvious. Digital load cells not only save time and costs, but also increase the range of applications by automatically acquiring and improving filling accuracy and speed. For example, it is possible to automatically compensate for changes in temperature and according to material properties for optimal performance. Not only that, 32 parameter sets for different fill volumes can be stored in EEPROM, protected from power interruptions. In this way, the filling plant can quickly and simply change the filling material and weight.

"FIT? can provide the key technology for every filling process!"

Designed for use in wet environments, the FIT® digital load cell is not only equipped with digital inputs and outputs, it also has a separate RS 485 BUS interface for diagnostics. In this way, the wrong parameter analysis can show that way, permanent analyses ferrrecoveryare possible. All the circuits are contained in the sensor - no additional circuit is needed to control the filling process. In this way, the FIT® load cell has a higher flexibility and a wider range of applications. HBM's free AED Panel software, Software, can be perfectly matched to FIT? to make applications more convenient. It is very easy to detect and filter system vibrations, calibrate and parameterize the weighing equipment.

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