LED fluorescent light anti-glare and spot solution

LED fluorescent light anti-glare and spot solution

With the strengthening of people's awareness of energy conservation and the maturity of LED lighting technology, the LED lighting market has taken initial shape, and this market will become larger and larger. At present, there are many manufacturers of LED fluorescent lamps on the market. I believe that everyone has to face a tough problem: the dazzling and spot of LEDs and the problem of strong directionality of light.
For the problem of LED glare, various manufacturers have adopted a variety of methods, such as the use of brushed PC masks, the use of frosted masks, the use of special phosphor materials, etc., but these methods are not ideal, the brushed mask can Eliminate glare, but the spot phenomenon is more serious. People spend a little longer under this kind of lamp. The eyes are prone to fatigue. If you use the eye under such a lamp for a long time, it will cause the eyes to astigmatize. The frosted and milky white mask will reduce the light loss. Too big, the effect is too bad.
LED lighting is a market with a bright future. It is recommended that engineers take a little time to consider the lighting comfort of LED lamps when the market is just forming, paying attention to the efficiency, luminous flux and service life of LED lamps. Convinced that technology can solve comfort comfortably and will help you to better occupy the market.
With the optical film described above, the eye visually perceives that each LED is brighter but less glaring, and the diaphragm makes the LED daylight line more uniform and the viewing angle is significantly wider. The working principle of the diaphragm is to make the LED point light source that is irradiated onto the diaphragm into a uniform output of the surface light source, so that the problem of glare, light spot and widening the illumination range can be solved at the same time. In addition, the transmittance of the film is above 90, and the influence of the contrast is limited.
In general, the use of optical diaphragms has the following advantages:
1. Eliminate the spot that is unique to LEDs. Since the LED fluorescent lamps are arranged in two rows or three rows, there is a gap between the light emitted by the respective point sources, so that a spot is generated within a certain distance; after the optical film is used, the optical film uniformly spreads the incident point source light. It turns into a divergent light source, so that the light becomes very uniform and completely solves the spot problem.
2. Widening the illumination angle, the LED illumination direction is very strong, the illumination angle is about 120 degrees, and it is easy to produce the illumination blind zone; after the optical film is used, the light irradiation range can be extended to 180 degrees due to the unique diffusibility of the optical film. Left and right, this can effectively eliminate the blind spot of illumination.
The direct benefit of the use of optical diaphragms for LED fluorescent lamps is that, with the same amount of LED fluorescent lighting, in the same area of ​​space, the LED fluorescent lamps with diaphragms have no illumination blind spots, the light is uniform, and the lighting effects are far more than ordinary LEDs. fluorescent lamp. And the greater the required illumination area, the more obvious this advantage.

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