SIM card to do "housekeeper" Shenyang Sanhuan street lights rely on it

SIM card to do "housekeeper" Shenyang Sanhuan street lights rely on it

With the continuous development of Shenyang's urban scale in recent years, more and more street roads have also shown the "international fan" because of the lighting makeup. In creating this brightly lit “Never Night City”, a small “SIM card” plays a vital role.

The operation status of the intelligent street lighting intelligent monitoring system is reflected in the construction and maintenance of the street lighting system and the street lamp equipment in Shenyang. Therefore, the account manager of Shenyang Mobile Tiexi District Sales Department learned about the intention of building a modern remote streetlight monitoring system during the visit, and then pushed the streetlight bureau to push the wireless transmission to replace the traditional wired transmission data control mode. As an intelligent service system built by Shenyang Mobile, the wireless transmission system has attracted wide attention.
GPRS wireless transmission realizes real-time data monitoring
The lighting street lamp intelligent monitoring system is adopted, and the city lighting system monitoring center (central control room) is established in the street lamp authority. Through the GPRS wireless data transmission mode, the city street lamp, landscape light box type substation, transformer substation, control cabinet and other sub-sites can be used. The measurement and control system focuses on intelligent data acquisition and monitoring such as remote sensing, telemetry, remote control, remote adjustment, and remote viewing.
Centralized monitoring of streetlights and landscape lights throughout the city, according to the needs of the season, climate and special holidays, the city's switch orders can be unified to improve the consistency of lighting, and the city's street lights can be bright and tidy, and each can avoid The waste of electricity caused by the loss of control caused by the failure of the clock controller and the light controller.
Information is timely feedback, and the efficiency of troubleshooting is greatly improved.
The running electricity data (including voltage, current, power, electricity value, etc.) of all street lamps, landscape light box substations, transformer substations, and control cabinets can be fed back to the control center in time, and the operating personnel and management personnel can stay at home without leaving the house. Understand the city's street lights, landscape lights switch and fault conditions, guide maintenance personnel to focus on maintenance, greatly shorten the fault response processing time; and through the perfect fault diagnosis function, timely identify the hidden troubles, to prevent problems before they occur.
Reduce operation and maintenance costs: Maintenance personnel can cancel a large number of daily inspection lines, patrol lights, meter reading work, saving a lot of manpower and material resources; after the pressure regulation operation, the street lights always operate under rated conditions, which can extend their service life. It can also reduce maintenance costs and save electricity costs; detect and deal with accidents in time, avoid serious accidents and reduce unforeseen expenses.
Electricity consumption record accurately strengthens the management of electricity expenses
According to the current and voltage fluctuations, the city construction committee and the transportation department can calculate the important evaluation data of the city street lighting management—lighting rate to reduce the range deviation and data error caused by the artificial budget. Make the data results more reasonable and closer to reality. The metering module of the system will also calculate the power consumption of the street lamp equipment in real time, which is convenient for comparison with the power generation of the power supply bureau, thereby strengthening the management of the street lamp electricity fee and avoiding the loss of electricity costs caused by abnormal work. At the same time, the establishment of a modern computer monitoring system can make Shenyang's street lamp management level compatible with the world's first-class metropolis, which plays an important role in improving management level, reducing management costs and ensuring reliable operation.
"SIM card" to do "housekeeper" Shenyang Sanhuan street light operation depends on it
However, the most surprising thing is that the core component of the almost omnipotent intelligent lighting monitoring system that can accomplish all kinds of tasks is actually a “SIM card”. "With the mobile SIM card installed in the street light control box, the mobile GPRS network is used to wirelessly transmit the street light operation data, thereby realizing the remote control of the street light." The project leader told the reporter that up to now, the Shenyang City Light Street Bureau has been in the citywide. More than 800 SIM cards are used internally for remote management of each streetlight system within three rings.

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