Taiwan Weigang Technology announced the field of LED lighting

Taiwan Weigang Technology announced the field of LED lighting

Taiwan's ADATA Technology officially announced on May 1 that it will cross the LED lighting field with the ADATA Lighting brand.

Under the optimistic potential of the global green energy market in the future, Chairman Chen Libai said that after years of continuous research and development and marketing, Weigang has completed the construction of LED lighting production lines and R&D centers on both sides of the strait, and has already listed a number of listed cabinets. The company uses ADATA Lighting's lighting solutions. It is expected that the annual growth rate of LED lighting product lines will be multiplied this year, and it is expected to become one of the new growth forces for the company's medium and long-term operation growth.

In the LED lighting products cost-effective has officially surpassed the traditional lighting, the lighting market has entered the sweet spot of LED lighting, starting in the second half of this year, the lighting market will enter a large number of replacement stages, Chen Libai expects that the LED lighting industry will start in 2013 Officially entered the "Golden Decade" stage. In particular, China's energy-saving and emission-reduction policy will be based on the thinking of the 12th Five-Year Plan focusing on the environmentally-friendly green energy new industry after the new national leader takes office this year, and fully launch the strong demand and vigorous development of a new generation of LED lighting.

Chen Libai pointed out that in the LED lighting industry, Taiwan lacks internationally renowned brands, which is a good time for Weigang to enter the lighting market. At present, the LED chips used by ADATA Lighting are from major international companies such as the United States, Europe and Japan. In the future, it is not excluded to cooperate with Taiwan's upstream, middle and downstream manufacturers to jointly develop the lighting market in mainland China, Japan, Asia and even the world. Combining the high-profile and global advantages of Weigang's global brands, and the strength of Taiwan's LED industry in global technology leadership and the complete supply chain of Taiwanese Taiwanese companies, we share the global LED lighting business pie.


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