Scientists say nuclear power LED lights can cope with insufficient light in space farms

Scientists say nuclear power LED lights can cope with insufficient light in space farms

If you send the robot to the moon or Mars, you don't need too many environmental conditions, it can work or travel: but if you send humans, the conditions required will be very different, at least there will be enough oxygen, It is capable of growing food and drinking water.
A big challenge in growing food on the moon or on Mars is the lack of sufficient light. The "one day" of the moon is close to the earth for a month, and the day and night of the moon are nearly half a month long, and the light on Mars is sometimes insufficient. To solve this problem, some botanists are currently discussing the use of nuclear-powered LED lights that produce artificial daylight without the availability of solar energy.
Although there are many types of plant growth lamps, if you place them on the moon or other planets, you need huge batteries with solar panels. In the case where these solar panels can absorb enough sunlight, the user does not have to worry about whether the plant growth lamps can operate normally; however, these devices will not function if the illumination is not available.
In fact, not only during the night, but also when the stars are in a white space. There is always a lot of sunlight, cosmic radiation and micrometeoroids in the space environment. In order to protect these sensitive plants, they need to be hidden under the surface, but in this case, the plants cannot receive the light.
In response to the above difficulties, experts have suggested the use of radioisotope thermal motors in space farms, which can power LED lights to operate for several hours a day, thereby promoting photosynthesis.

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