The resignation of the tyrant breaks the "military heart". What can I save you?

The resignation of the tyrant breaks the "military heart". What can I save you?

It seems that the trouble of NVC lighting is not enough. On August 14, NVC Lighting also revealed a series of executive resignations, which made the crisis of NVC lighting even more profound.

Unlike Xu Feng, who is a poetry writer, as a special resignation letter, Kaj Den Daas, an independent director of NVC Lighting, did not leave a speech on his resignation. But people close to him revealed that after convening the board of directors in a conference call on Wednesday, Kaj Den Daas was determined to resign, on the grounds that the board would not let Wu Changjiang return.

For the resignation of NVC’s vice president Xu Fengyun and independent director Kaj Den Daas, Wu Changjiang said that he has tried his best to retain the former but the other party’s intention has been decided. The latter’s resignation was informed by other directors that the original words were “very Distressed! He is a veteran of the lighting industry and has given many good suggestions for the company's development strategy."

Wu Changjiang’s feelings are not just about the scene. Although Kaj Den Daas was not involved in the entire “NVC crisis”, the influence of this character in the global lighting industry is estimated to be higher than that of all NVC lighting executives. The leader in the industry has been the chairman of the North American company for many years at Philips, and has experience as an executive in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. After retirement, in addition to owning a consulting company, he also serves as an independent director of several companies. NVC Lighting is one of them. Kaj Den Daas plays a pivotal role in the development of NVC lighting.

In the last one or two months, Kaj Den Daas was also transferred to the United States, Norway, Singapore, Hong Kong and the hometown of the Netherlands. In May of this year, he joined the Lighting Technology Group (LSCG), the largest LED bulb manufacturer in North America, and became a member of the company. In the same month, he once flew from the Netherlands to Hong Kong to hold a board of directors. On the second day, on May 24, NVC Lighting announced the resignation of former chairman Wu Changjiang. From beginning to end, Kaj Den Daas did not comment on Wu Changjiang's resignation.

People close to Kaj Den Daas sent an email to NVC Lighting insiders a few days ago, saying they might have to resign because they were not satisfied with the board and did not let Wu Changjiang return. And how Wu Changjiang does not come back, maybe NVC lighting will no longer be the previous NVC lighting, the company's prospects are worrisome.

Coincidentally, in the dispute between the former chairman Wu Changjiang and the NVC board of directors, Xu Fengyun has been supporting Wu Changjiang to return to NVC lighting. He once said that Wu Changjiang's return to NVC lighting can revitalize business operations and help safeguard the interests of shareholders. The same is true. NVC Lighting's suppliers and distributors are outside the listed companies. These dealers have a very strong cooperative relationship with Wu Changjiang. Assuming that dealers and suppliers are turning their backs, the impact on NVC will exceed this. The ability of the company.

For NVC Lighting's overseas business, the only wholly-owned subsidiary overseas is NVC UK, which was acquired by Wu Changjiang in 2007 for £100,000 (then worth about RMB 1.5 to 1.6 million). Wu Changjiang holds 70% of the shares, and another 30% of the shares are held by two British managers at the time.

NVC, director of NVC UK, confirmed that the current British company's components are all European brands, and other raw materials procurement is divided into three parts: 30-35% is purchased directly from NVC China factory, about 10% from Europe Manufactured in mainland China; the remaining 60% is supplied from suppliers other than NVC China suppliers in mainland China.

"The UK's NVC lighting will not have any impact in the near future. In addition to the products that are supplied from NVC China headquarters, there is no need to find another channel. Others will not be affected too much." Lao Sun said.

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