The industry is said to be the center of the LED industry in the Midwest

The industry is said to be the center of the LED industry in the Midwest

Recently, at the 2012 China Western International Advertising and Printing and Packaging Exhibition, many LED companies including Seoul Semiconductor, Dongguan Jiahao and Xinli Light Source have brought their top products to the Chengdu New Exhibition Center. Industry insiders generally expect that with the acceleration of the westward movement of the industry, Chengdu will be expected to become a major center of the LED industry in the Midwest.

Xinli Light Source revealed that the newly-launched “Electronic Information Manufacturing Industry Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan” listed LED as a development focus, and coastal LED enterprises gradually moved to inland, and the concentration point of the industrial chain was in Chengdu. Subway tunnel lights, lighting, guides, and even night-time card systems in many cities including Chengdu Metro Line 1 are all from Chengdu.

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