What is the class of the memory card?

What is the class of the memory card?

What is the class of the memory card? SD Association's transmission specification for TF memory card (SDHC): The transfer speed (lowest speed of write speed and read speed) is defined as Class2 (2MB/sec), Class4 (4MB/sec), Class6 (6MB/sec) Class10 (10MB/sec).

SD2.0 specifications are divided into the following levels for the performance of the SD card, different levels can meet different application requirements:

Class 0: Including lower than Class 2 and unlabeled Speed ​​Class;

Class 2: Can meet ordinary MPEG4 MPEG2 movie, SDTV, digital camera shooting;

Class 4: Smooth playback of high-definition television (HDTV), digital camera continuous shooting and other needs;

Class 6: Meet the requirements of SLR camera continuous shooting and professional equipment;

Class 10: Meet the storage requirements for higher speed requirements.

Linear Power Supply


linear power supply are using pure cooper wire,and it is 24v linear power supply, output voltage 24vac, output current 2A,3A,5A.

power supply unit include indoor and waterproof outdoor series.

High power products, stable, no noise



Transformer Using pure cooper wire,and 100% enough power output.

Output voltage 24vac, output current 2A,3A,5A.

Output power:48W,72W,120W.

AC input Voltage range: 110V/220VAC±10%, Selected by switch

Wall-mounted type,Easy to install

Good Lightning resistance performance

4 times aging test

Protection: short circuit, over current, overload, over voltage.

3 years warranty


Product application:


Application to PTZ, decoders, ballhead camera, speed dome cameras,fill light,high power AC gun Camera etc



Linear Power Supply

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