Applied materials introduce autonomous defect detection system for chips

Applied materials introduce autonomous defect detection system for chips

Applied Materials has introduced the Applied SEMVision G5 system to further advance its leadership in Scanning Electronic Microscope (SEM) technology, the first defect detection tool available to chip manufacturers for unmanned production environments. Can shoot and analyze defects at 20 nm that affect yield.

According to the material, the unique function of SEMVision G5 can identify and capture the defects of 1 nanometer pixel, assist logic and memory customers to improve the process, and find the root cause of defects faster and more accurately than in the past.

Featuring the most advanced 1 nm pixel, unparalleled image quality and powerful analysis engine, the SEMVision G5 system is the only defect detection scanning electron microscope that can identify, analyze and detect defects on extremely difficult circuit layers while simultaneously Can increase output. In addition, this system sets a new standard in distinguishing between true and false warnings or true and false defects. In testing, this system is far more accurate and faster than professional operators, allowing customers to check faster and more often. With more wafers, the learning curve is more accelerated and the yield is improved more quickly.

The groundbreaking SEMVision G5 is an open architecture platform with a defined library of detection strategies that dynamically combines data received from the wafer inspection system. This system automatically builds new inspection programs, which is a major advantage over other competitor tools, as tools from other vendors require a time-consuming manual setup procedure to establish separate detection methods for each chip type. This feature is critical to foundry customers.


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