Pearl River Delta LED industry hit the crisis

Pearl River Delta LED industry hit the crisis

Emerging industries are like a pair of new shoes, the most afraid is to take the old road!

"The new shoes are worn, but the old road is gone! If you don't tighten the regulation, you will destroy the emerging LED lighting industry!"

On December 7th, in the face of the “China Enterprise News” reporter’s field survey, Shenzhen LED industry people faced with anxiety.

The industry crisis under the “blowout type” LED is a new industry, and it is not enough to use “a swarm of bees” in the ancient town of Zhongshan City. In the past two years, under the guidance of minute-mindedness and misunderstanding of national policies, the ancient town soon formed a chaotic competition and a mixed culture of development. It is roughly estimated that there are about 2,000 enterprises around LED lighting products.

“It is very easy to open a store. Assemblers who had previously worked in large factories for two or even several months will be able to become a boss simply by renting a storeroom. There is a small factory-produced material and component line supply. After simple assembly, it can be finished and sold. Make money, how many will do it!" The town of Cao Yi Road Ming Ming lighting shop, while burying his head to do a simple lamp assembly, told reporters.

In his store, the reporter saw that from the LED lamp parts, semi-finished products to finished products, small machinery such as bench drills for processing production readily available. Components of various sizes are stacked on top of each other, full and devastating!

"The price war is the main competitive means here. It's crazy. Nowadays, lighting companies are rushing to catch up, and they all want to do it first." Wang Wen, a marketing director at a slightly larger lighting company in the town, couldn't help but sigh. At present, this fanatical emotion also infects the owner of his company.

Originally, Wang Wen's company was mainly engaged in lanterns. In recent years, it has also been the main target of lantern lighting in the second and third-tier cities in China. But recently, the boss saw peers no matter what size they were doing LED lighting, they started eager to try.

"We have inspected some LED companies and feel that this industry is profitable compared to other lighting products. Plus the government is encouraging, so we all want to enter." Although Wang Wen did not approve of his company so blindly into the LED But there is no better reason to stop it.

“Our company is not big. There is no core competitiveness in LED production. Entering this field is nothing more than looking for other factories to open molds, OEMs, and affixing our company's brand. To have a certain market, only to fight. The price is up."

In addition, in addition to the low threshold, the price war, the reporter found that the raw materials of the ancient town of LED lighting is also a wide variety of raw materials, messy mix: First, the light indiscriminate use, domestic, Taiwan, Europe and the United States, Japan, Korea ... ... have, due to the use of raw materials However, off, resulting in a huge difference in luminous flux; second, outstanding heat problems. Most of the manufacturers here simply learn from the characteristics of traditional lighting, do not understand LED as a semiconductor's electrical characteristics, apply hardware, and blindly reduce the cost of materials, which directly leads to short-lived LED, light failure phenomenon prominent; Third, there is no industry standard Basically, all the goods are cottage, is a factory are getting LED lights, but there are still a lot of exports! The so-called CCC, FCC, and CE certifications are basically banners. In all likelihood, it is false. "However, EMC, however, nothing can be done, as long as lights can be" is the current buzzword of the ancient town of this industry.

The number of long-life LED lamps manufactured by small-scale “civil workshop-style” small towns in ancient towns is so long that even the producers themselves cannot tell.

Maybe the market can find the answer!

With this kind of consideration, around 11:30 a.m., the reporter saw in the Huifei LED Lighting Center on Xinxing Avenue of Guzhen. The vast shopping mall outlets were empty and empty, and most of them were "iron generals". Even some slogans showing signs of opening were still impressive, but the facade was covered with thick dust. More than a dozen of the entire lighting center should be stationed in only a dozen to open the door, and the door is extremely small.

“In the first stage, when the business was first opened, some were stationed, but after a short period of business, there was no business. The market was not able to provide the rent, and the rent was too high to support them. They had no choice but to run away!” Yingxiu Lighting’s Yan Xiushu told reporters.

"Because there are so many shops open, and everyone is bargaining with each other, consumers are also guilty of being blindfolded: they are greedy and cheap, and they are afraid that their lamps will have a short lifespan. If they choose a high price, they are afraid that it is a false one. Into the entanglement, had to give up! Even the foreigners are also familiar with the 'domestic counterfeit' here, do not come to get the goods."

Yan Xiushu said frankly that the market is very busy. However, the bleak status quo confirms the facts here: The market is weak, and consumer confidence in buying is very serious.

The "exiter" is frequently on the afternoon of December 7th in the Xinsha section of Shajing Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen.

Although we have not yet reached out to the main downtown area of ​​Shenzhen, the reporter has obviously felt that the traffic flow of bustles and bustles here is not inferior to Beijing's; the eyes of the southern green, the blooming of unknown flowers dotted the streets...

After a long struggle, I finally found the No. 131 Guanlan Avenue, Guanlan Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen. However, the reporter found that this is not a prestigious online registration of LED production and sales of precision industry technology company, but an auto parts retail outlets. Subsequently, the reporter dialed the phone number on the Internet many times and nobody answered it.

"The LED lighting industry standard country does not have, place does not have, the deputy mayor in charge of two years ago convened the city quality and technical supervision bureau quality inspection research institute and city science and technology bureau and other functional departments, in Shenzhen more than 2,000 companies engaged in LED production and sales More than 40 of them were selected for a meeting to discuss LED local standards, and the result is still not found today. Naturally, everyone went to the Eight Immortals to cross the sea and survived chaos, there was no fixed routine!” Chairman Qi of Shenzhen Ruijing Industrial Co., Ltd. told reporters .

“There is a lighting association in the city. It only sells tickets every year. It charges fees. The organization will listen to the class and it will be passed! As for the production development plan, the industry risk will be even less of a problem!” Another person engaged in lighting for many years The boss told reporters.

It is reported that there are currently more than 2,000 companies engaged in the research, development, production and application of LED technology and products in Shenzhen, and most of them belong to the LED packaging and application technology field. There are 97 high-tech companies engaged in LED, accounting for only about 3.5% of the 2835 high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen. Among Shenzhen-related companies, there is only one chip production, and there is no such thing as semiconductor materials and phosphors that are crucial to product production. No matter whether it is technology, process, equipment, or key raw materials, it needs to be introduced.

Chairman Qi of Shenzhen Ruijing Industrial Co., Ltd. told the reporter that Shenzhen LED companies have always paid attention to foreign trade and do not pay attention to the domestic market, resulting in low corporate reputation; lack of core technology, and do not want to have the strength to engage in scientific research; Shenzhen LED manufacturers The lack of attention to shaping brand promotion has caused problems such as poor circulation of information in the domestic market and weak brand image.

"Most companies halfway on the horse, do not have the production basis, half dead, eagerly look forward to the introduction of LED national standard, local government guidance and orderly planning." An unconfirmed market data show that: 90% of Shenzhen LED companies have losses, of which 80- 100 LED companies face closure.

Not long ago, Shenzhen Qiduoli Industrial Co., Ltd. had caused Mao Guolan to run away due to capital chain breakage due to rapid investment expansion, and this seems to be no case in the industry.

According to Shenzhen media counterparts, Mao Guozheng, Chairman of Shenzhen Pao Duoli Company’s “Rao Lu” recently met with reporters and took the initiative “to explain to the society about running away.”

Mao Guoxuan told local reporters that the reason why he was running was a result of pressure from a certain inconvenience to export. He said that the company’s crisis was not an accidental event. One reason is that internal management has created loopholes. Since this year, as the chairman of the company, he has focused on the extra-territorial projects and the listing of Dodoli Corporation. The internal management of the company was handed over to a vice president, which caused a corporate culture fault.

Second, starting in May of this year, the company moved almost no output for several months, resulting in tight liquidity. The third is that the details are too thick. In the past, I thought that ERP management was very detailed. This time, I went to Japan to examine the ERP management of some companies by the way. I discovered that I was very far away. After graduating from college, from technology to business to management, but still far from graduating from a social university, the management of many things is still too simple.

Mao Guokai admitted to the interviewed reporter that he saw the prospect of LED as an emerging industry, but also saw that do not understand the LED, speculation ... ... killing all comers. A large number of capitals are plunged into the country. Enterprises dig talents and steal technology. Markets are counterfeit and counterfeit, and a vicious cycle. Even the media reporter said: "What is the technical content of LED lighting? You can also do it. You can buy a chip here, buy a lamp there, and assemble it with a welding torch."

Mao Guolu said that at present, the entire LED industry is not planned, no one coordinated, take EMC (contract energy management), the domestic implementation of 5 years, but has not yet seen a lot, many companies only see policy encouragement, industry prospects On the positive side, the heads of fever are rushed in, but they are all planted. "As this continues, LED is the next DVD industry. In one year, the entire industry will undergo a catastrophic fundamental change."

The reporter tried to contact Mao Guojun himself. It has been unsuccessful.

Following the arrival of many CEOs, Shenzhen, another famous LED company Bolent photoelectric also announced the closure. For a time, the LED lighting industry was very uneasy here.

The reporter learned from a number of individuals in the industry that, as of the first half of this year, there were about 4,000 LED companies in Shenzhen. In the first half of this year, more than 100 midstream packaging companies and more than 300 downstream application companies closed down.

"Every month there are a lot of LED manufacturers set up, there are a lot of manufacturers closed down, we are relying on the last minute of profit in support, and are not allowed to turn off the door someday." Shenzhen Jiusheng photoelectric Co., Ltd. boss Yao Li With a little helpless face.

Yao Li mentioned that more and more industry competitors are saying: “If you take 20,000 or 30,000 yuan, buy equipment and installments and pay more than ten or twenty workers to become a factory.”

In the following period, the reporter visited LED lighting companies in Foshan and Zhuhai, and the situation was generally the same as in Shenzhen.

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