High frequency machine inspection items and repair and maintenance

High frequency machine inspection items and repair and maintenance

The high-frequency machine checks the water filter for a period of time. If the machine has dust, it is used to dry the air and carefully blow the cleaning machine, but the total power supply must be closed.
High-frequency machine fault detection: Before testing the high-frequency machine, the total power supply must be closed, because there are several thousand volts to tens of thousands of volts outside the machine.
High frequency operation sequence
1. Turn on the three-phase power main switch first, then turn on the power switch on the machine side control box. If there is a high-cycle switch, temporarily do not hit it, then put on the electric power switch. At this time, the vacuum tube and the hot mold are both pre-started. heat.
2. In the lower mold, the insulator is attached, the upper mold is mounted on the upper pole, the test mode switch is pressed, and the upper and lower mold joint positions are adjusted at the beginning. If the joint is bad as follows, the lower mold is moved, and if the degree is not matched, the upper mold is adjusted. Pillars.
3. After the mold is adjusted, adjust the controller at three times (if it is a pedal type machine, only the high-cycle melting moment), the falling moment is the moment when the upper mold is running until the lower mold is pressed, and the melting moment is the input moment. The cooling time, that is, the curing time, the above three moments need to be sensitively used, and there is no fixed number of values.
4. If the first mode is adjusted, the pitch of the tuning tuning should be adjusted to the widest.
5. If the above operation has exceeded 10-15 minutes and the temperature has reached the required level, put the high-cycle switch on and start the operation test.
6. When testing, if the effect is not ideal, you need to add the homophone to the gaze screen (the values ​​of the different models are different, please refer to the explanation). Inspect the product, if not ideal, add a little or minus the homogenizer until the request is reached.
7. The effect of the finished product is determined by the following four aspects:
A) Temperature B) Coherent power input C) Pressure D) Enter the high cycle time. For the above four aspects, please adjust it sensitively.

High frequency inspection
1. This machine must be equipped with a good ground terminal (connected to the correct ground wire)
2. The machine is extremely sensitive to moisture and dust and needs to be placed in an appropriate task space.
3. The vacuum tube of the machine will generate high heat, so it will not be placed next to the machine where high heat will occur, nor will it be installed in the position where the solar energy is indirectly irradiated, because the above reasons will affect the heat dissipation effect of the vacuum tube.
4. If the machine stops for more than one hour, and then turn it on, it needs to wait for 10-15 minutes to warm the vacuum tube and maintain the service life of the vacuum tube.
5. The upper and lower extremes of the machine (upper and lower modes) do not collide indirectly, and there must be insulation and task parts between them.
6. During operation, when inputting high frequency, remember not to touch the upper input end (ie, upper mold), nor use universal meter, test meter or other low frequency, high voltage instruments, try to indirectly measure the upper input, this will Incurs an accident.
7. During the current inspection, the insulation of the ultimate (lower mold), if there is damage, burnout, breakdown position, you need to change the insulation immediately, otherwise, if the task continues, sparks will occur, and the process cannot be completed.
8. If there is often a spark scene (when the upper and lower molds are touched together, high-cycle input) without inspection and repair, it will cause damage to the internal parts and affect the task.
9. The task used to make the finished product, as far as possible, does not have moisture, dust, because the above objects easily lead to sparks.
10. After the machine is turned on, you will hear the sound of the fan turning (4KW, 5KW sound is small), which is used for heat dissipation of the vacuum tube. If the fan is faulty, it must be repaired immediately, otherwise the vacuum tube will be damaged.

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