Hangzhou Best Buy has been "renewed for January" to solve the after-sales problem

Hangzhou Best Buy has been "renewed for January" to solve the after-sales problem




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"Ah? How is the bestbuy in Vientiane City closed? I am still good at Valentine's Day." Just got to work this morning, a colleague hit the QQ window pop-up ads so exclaimed. On February 22nd, Best Buy Hangzhou Wanxiang City Store closed its doors with lightning. At the same time, it announced the closure of all nine stores in mainland China and the retail headquarters in Shanghai. As one of the world's top 500, the global consumer electronics retail giant Best Buy, how to close it and close it, is it to withdraw from the Chinese market? What about consumers who have already valued their shopping cards? How to solve the problem of after-sales of electronic products purchased by consumers at Best Buy? With so many questions, the reporter started an interview.

“Short-lived death” closed all stores overnight

The reporter first boarded the Best Buy (Chinese official) website and saw a "customer service" notice in Chinese and English. The notice stated that "we have stopped all the Best Buy brand retail stores on February 22." Come, the information about Best Buy closing all the stores in China is not empty.

“Yes, we received a notice on February 22 that all Best Buy brand retail stores in China are closed. Hangzhou Best Buy Wanxiang City Store will be extended for one month from February 24th to March 24th. Continue the consumer's after-sales protection work. It will be officially closed. In October, we will open a new Best Buy retail store in Shanghai, which will be the only one in China."

According to the customer service phone left on the notice, the reporter got in touch with the customer service staff of Best Buy brand. Regarding the closure of all Best Buy brand retail stores in China including Hangzhou Best Buy Wanxiang City Store, it was confirmed again in the customer service staff. The reporter then went to Vientiane City. The Best Buy store on the 5th floor of Vientiane City was closed. Only a few sporadic people were watching the announcement on the follow-up service of the store at the door.

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