What kind of computer can I assemble and deploy in the summer of 2010?

What kind of computer can I assemble and deploy in the summer of 2010?

Recently, after conducting a survey on the budget of some main installations on the Internet, I found that most users have chosen a budget of around 4,000, and the computer configuration with better performance. Today, Computer Pepsi.com will come to talk with everyone about the current 4000 yuan. What kind of computer can I assemble and configure?

First of all, the budget is 4,000 yuan. It can be said that the current 4,000 yuan assembled computer is already very good in performance. In 2006 and 2007, I purchased a 17-inch LCD dual-core computer and assembled it, but that is It cost 4,200 yuan, then the computer configuration is really general, single core +512 memory and 128M discrete graphics. As the digital product update is too fast, the current 4,000-yuan configuration of the computer is at least dual-core, the hardware configuration is branded, and with a discrete graphics card, the memory is more than 1G.

Well, don't gossip, then the computer Pepsi network introduces you to the current assembly of 4000 yuan can be configured to what kind of assembly computer, the following configuration is personally feel very good.

-----------Recommended 4000 yuan computer configuration one --------------------------------- -------

CPU AMD Athlon II X4 630 (box) 1 ¥ 645
Motherboard MSI 880GM-E41 1 ¥ 599
Memory Kingston 2GB DDR3 1333 ¥ 320
Hard disk Seagate 500GB 7200.12 16M (serial / scattered) ST3 ¥ 315
显卡索泰GTS250-512D3 F1 ¥ 799
Optical drive pioneer DVR-218CHV 1 ¥ 219
LCD AOC 919Sw+ 1 ¥ 899
Chassis Puyida E2091B 1 ¥ 75 (can be chosen according to preferences, the difference is not big)
Power Cool Extreme Supreme 400W 1 ¥ 380 (No 400K of rated power of Huntkey or Kangshu can be used)
Speaker rambler 180 or so casually choose a keyboard and mouse to let the business send ~
Total amount: 4400 yuan This is an online quote. I don't know where you are. Actually, you can get it at around 4200. You can take a few more and cut the price, so that the merchant can send more things (headset, microphone, multi-purpose). Socket, camera or something)
4 core processor new generation 2G DDR3 memory 500G hard disk 512M discrete graphics, play WOW double open frame number is above 60 no problem. If the budget is enough to suggest adding a memory stick and turning it into 4G memory, then 3 or even 4 is fine.
------------------------------------ Computer configuration single two ---------- -------------------------------------------

*CPU AMD Athlon II X4 630 (box) 1 ¥ 645
* Mainboard Spartak Kuroshio BA-218 1 ¥ 499
* Memory Kingston 2GB DDR3 1600 (KHX12800D3/2G dual 1234 ¥ 390
* Hard disk Seagate 500GB 7200.12 16M (serial / scattered) ST3 1234 ¥ 315
Graphics Sapphire HD5550 512M GDDR3 HDMI Platinum Edition 1234 ¥ 499
Optical drive Philips SPD2202BD/97 1 ¥ 115
Display: LCD LG W1942SP 1 ¥ 899
* Chassis gold profit 1880 1 ¥ 80
Power supply ANTEC VP450P 1 ¥ 319
Keyboard and mouse loading Logitech G1 game mouse and keyboard set 1 ¥ 199
Speaker Maibo M-200 10th Anniversary Edition 1 ¥ 288
Total amount: 4,248 yuan or more to complete the home needs to run all the existing large 3D games smoothly

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------

CPU AMD Athlon II X4 635/Box (2.9G) 665
Motherboard Soyo SY-A77M3+ V3.0 499
Memory Kingmax DDR3 1333 2G × 2 600
Graphics card shuangmin Promise HD5750 DDR5 big cow version 799
Hard disk Western Digital 500GB (WD5000AAKS) / blue disk 300
Chassis Huntkey H507 138
Power Kang Shu IP-430 279
Display Meg WE93DK 790
Total: 4070
Keyboard mouse headset js send

The matching hardware is definitely the current mainstream computer hardware, and it can run stably for all current 3D games.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------

Processor AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400+ (65nm) / black box 1 495
Motherboard Colorful C.A780G X3 1 499
Memory Awesome DDRII800 2G 1 120
Hard disk Hitachi 160G SATAII 8M 1 255
Display card Onda 9600GSO 384M 1 499
Display Samsung 943NW 1 1140
Chassis Navigator Mercedes H302 1 298
Power hangjia cool king diamond version 2.3 1 228
Optical drive Sony DRU-V200A 1 199
Keyboard mouse Shuangfeiyan KL-2350D waterproof Feiyan photoelectric suit 1 99
Speaker Maibo M-111 07 Edition 1 158
Total 3990
This is a game player introduced, the recommended reason is that the speed is very fast, and the game is very smooth, the price is less than 4,000 yuan is recommended.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

This configuration is absolutely leading, playing games and watching movies is absolutely first class. 
This configuration is very hot in my store. I use the following configuration to want to experience this feeling and quickly match it with CPUIntel Pentium dual-core E2180 440 
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2C 399 

Memory Kingston 2GB DDR2 800 195 
Hard disk Hitachi 160G 7200 turn 265 

Graphics card Rainbow radium wind 2400PRO-GD3 CF gold version HM256M 330 

Optical Drive Pioneer DVD-228 139 

LCD Monitor Samsung T190 1280 

Chassis Foxconn Flying Fox 120 

Power Great Wall Dual Power BTX-400P4 289 

Radiator cool cold supreme ice exquisite (silent version) 60 

Total: 3517 yuan 

Based on some of the above recommended computer configuration sheets, we can clearly find that the current 4,000 yuan computer configuration list is relatively mainstream, and the hardware has selected the relatively new mainstream products.


Moreover, the processor is more than 2 cores, the display is more than 19 inches of liquid crystal, and most of them use a good independent graphics card. Compared with the computer configuration of the first two pieces of this price, it is definitely a different thing.

This article is collected by computer Pepsi (http://), please keep this information, thank you!

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