LED TV backlight structure is simplified or will achieve single-sided light

LED TV backlight structure is simplified or will achieve single-sided light

The trend of LEDs into LCD TV LCD TVs is clear. At present, major brands, systems and component suppliers are actively developing more cost-effective backlight designs, hoping to accelerate the popularization of LED-backlit LCD TVs. In 2009, the LED backlight TV with side-light design and backlight structure adopts a total of 6 LED light bar designs from top to bottom and left and right. However, this year's side-lit LED-backlit TV has reduced its backlight structure to 4 LEDs on the upper and lower sides. Light bar design. Next year, manufacturers may launch further. Only one LED light bar is used on the left and right sides of the panel to design a backlight backlight. In 2012, the TV may even introduce a single-sided light.

At present, the LED backlight LCD TV, the main backlight structure is divided into a direct-lit backlight design and a side-lit backlight design. The direct-lit backlight design used RGB tri-color LEDs in the early days, but the cost was high. Later, white LEDs (adding phosphor blending on the blue chip) were used as backlights, and white LEDs were also used for edge-lit backlights. The edge-lit backlight design is mainly cost-effective because it greatly reduces the number of LEDs used, and mainly guides light through the light guide plate to make the light distribution uniform.

According to the manufacturer's data, in 2009, the side-lit TV backlight structure mainly consisted of two LED light bars, two LED light bars, and one LED light bar on the left and right sides. The LED used has a luminous efficiency of approximately 52 lm/W. In consideration of continuous cost reduction, in 2010, a backlight design using only the above two LED light bars and the following two LED light bars, totaling four LED light bars on the upper and lower sides was developed. The LED luminous efficiency used is increased to 62 lm/W, but the amount of LED is reduced by 20%-25%.

It is reported that LED manufacturers are continuing to cooperate with customers to develop the direction of simplifying LED backlight structure design. It is expected that as soon as next year (2011), there will be a new model in the market that uses only one LED light bar on the left and right sides to emit light (left and right). After 2012, it is even possible to introduce a new model with only one side light (lighting), that is, a backlight design using only one LED light bar on the left or right side of the TV panel.

As the backlight structure is more and more simplified, the number of LEDs used is becoming less and less. The LED industry emphasizes that the LEDs used in TV backlights will become more and more inevitable. The larger the size of the LED, the greater the current passing through, the more important the solution to heat dissipation. Because heat will affect the reliability, it will also cause the luminous efficiency to decrease, especially the LED with higher power is more affected by the heating effect.

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