Low-carbon Shanghai Expo LED lighting uses up to 1.03 billion

Low-carbon Shanghai Expo LED lighting uses up to 1.03 billion

At the just-concluded World Expo special press conference, Zhou Minhao, deputy director of the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, introduced that the Expo site has implemented demonstration applications such as solar energy, new energy vehicles, smart grids, and LED lighting projects. Solar power generation facilities with a total installed capacity of more than 4.68 MW are installed on the roofs and glass curtain walls of the China Pavilion, Theme Pavilion, Expo Center, Performing Arts Center, etc., which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 4,000 tons per year. It is the largest solar photovoltaic cell demonstration area in China. . More than 1,400 new energy vehicles are demonstrating operation inside and outside the Expo Park. Pure electric buses, super-capacitor buses and fuel-cell vehicles form a green traffic phalanx, achieving zero emissions of public transportation in the Expo site.

Semiconductor lighting LEDs were used in venues such as the China Pavilion, the Expo Axis, the Performing Arts Center and the Urban Best Practices Area. This is the first time that LED lighting has been used in large scale in Chinese urban neighborhoods. More than 2 million LEDs and more than 90,000 sets of various types of full-color lamps and lanterns have been used on the one-kilometer Expo Axis, fully embodying the concept of low-carbon Expo and Green Expo. At present, 1.03 billion LED chips are used in the Expo site; about 80% of the indoor lighting sources in the Expo site use LED green light sources, which is about 90% less than ordinary incandescent lamps.

According to reports, Shanghai's new energy industry has made positive progress. In 2009, the scale of the new energy industry reached 25 billion yuan, an increase of 13% over 2008. Nuclear power has received orders of 20 billion yuan, with a market share of 40%; solar photovoltaic output reached 400 megawatts, an increase of more than 40%.

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