Jining 2000 LED energy-saving lamps exported to Japan

Jining 2000 LED energy-saving lamps exported to Japan

Recently, the Economic Development and Entry-Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau passed the verification. Nearly 2000 LED lamps with a value of more than 100,000 US dollars produced by Shandong Yingke Group were successfully cleared in Japan, which marked the successful entry of Jining's low-carbon energy-saving products into the Japanese market. It has become a new growth point for Jining's green energy product exports.

According to reports, semiconductor LED lighting as a new "green" lighting source, in addition to at least 60% energy saving with conventional lighting, but also has long life, fast response, easy to control light distribution and other advantages. This year, LED lights produced by Shandong Yingkelai Group gradually opened up the Japanese market. "We first put a small amount of products into the Japanese market for trial use, and gradually received recognition from customers." The company's manager Qiu told reporters that the economic and economic entry and exit inspection and quarantine bureau passed the verification, the first batch of 101, the value of 6000 US dollars LED The lamps were successfully cleared in Japan. At present, the company has successively launched three batches of nearly 2,000 products with a value of more than 100,000 US dollars into the Japanese market.

In order to ensure the smooth customs clearance of this product, Jining Inspection and Quarantine Department went to the production site and started the quality control system establishment, quality assurance capability, laboratory testing, environmental and occupational safety system according to the relevant requirements of export classification management. Guide.

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