Jingdian estimates that Q4 Blu-ray capacity is expected to be full of LEDs will not exceed supply

Jingdian estimates that Q4 Blu-ray capacity is expected to be full of LEDs will not exceed supply

Jing Bing (2448) Chairman Li Bingjie said recently that from the perspective of the client's estimated demand, Jingdian's Q4 Blu-ray capacity is expected to be fully loaded in 2010. At the same time, in response to concerns about LED supply and demand in the market, he believes that there will be no doubts about oversupply in 2010.

Chairman Li explained that the number of epitaxial machines that can contribute new capacity in 2010 will not exceed 150. Not only that, but in 2010, there are only 70 or 80 machines that can contribute to full capacity. In addition, the high-brightness blue LEDs used in LED-backlit LCD TVs at this stage are not very high, and the industry average is only about 50%. Moreover, the high-power LED yield available for illumination is lower than that of backlight LEDs, which is only about 30-40%.

Considering the above factors, in other words, the yield of high-standard LED products is not high. Even if there are more than 400 MOCVD new capacity in South Korea, China, and Taiwan LED factories in 2011, the strength of individual manufacturers is the key to winning.

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