Flowers in the drawings - Interview with Chen Xinmin, deputy chief engineer of Electrical Engineering, South China University of Technology

Flowers in the drawings - Interview with Chen Xinmin, deputy chief engineer of Electrical Engineering, South China University of Technology

Chen Xinmin, a native of Shanxi. He appeared in front of us, refined, rigorous, high-clean, hair gray, with a temperament that is very consistent with the building. He has been engaged in building electrical design work in Inner Mongolia for 29 years. From initial contact with lighting to electrical design, he has been tireless and persevering, and he firmly believes that flowers can be produced from drawings. From the rough northwest to the south of the four seasons, the pursuit of design has not changed. Wherever the construction of the motherland needs him, wherever he goes. More than a decade ago, he came to the Architectural Design and Research Institute of South China University of Technology to continue his design work.

The Architectural Design and Research Institute of South China University of Technology has a history of more than 30 years. It has just celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. This red building stands on the beautiful and quiet campus of South China University of Technology, and it has trained more than 300 designers, including buildings. Designers, electrical designers, water supply and drainage, HVAC, construction economy and many other professional designers. Architecture has always been the crystallization of multi-person wisdom and sweat, not the task that a single person can accomplish.

In every building, electricity is also an indispensable part of it. If there is no light in a house, it is like a person who has no eyes and will lose all his vitality and fun. This is a basic function of the building. .

Dear Mr. Chen Xinmin

Success is the crystallization of the joint struggle of individuals and teams

There are more than ten days from the world's most prestigious World Expo 2010. Among them, the China Pavilion is the most popular. The Chinese Pavilion's dazzling "Oriental Crown" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of people. This is the architecture of South China University of Technology. The design institute is a masterpiece of the team led by the chief designer of Dr. He Jingtang. At that time, there were more than 400 bidding design plans in the world. The plan of the Architectural Design and Research Institute of South China University of Technology stood out from the crowd. Of course, Electric also made its own contribution. The Expo China Pavilion also preserves its unique Chinese elements as permanent buildings.

It is no accident that the World Expo China Pavilion won the title by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and because of its strong strength. The awards of the Huagong Institute are far from this. The design of the badminton hall and wrestling hall of the 2008 Olympic Games was completed by the Huagong Institute.

In the 16th Asian Games of the whole city of Guangzhou in 2010, the Huagong Design Institute mainly undertook the design and renovation projects of some venues. The new pavilion mainly designed the swimming and diving hall and the Nansha Stadium. Now the project is nearing completion. Every day, designers are taking turns to sit at the construction site, so that they can communicate with the construction unit immediately to solve the problem and ensure the progress and quality of the project.

Design work is not the best, only better

Behind the design of the glorious large-scale projects in many countries, it is necessary to have sufficient design experience and superb design level, and also design a large number of domestic key projects, such as the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall, Expo China Pavilion, Guangzhou Zhujiang New Town West Tower, Pazhou The Convention and Exhibition Center, the Provincial 12th National Stadium swimming pool, and many other university expansion projects, such as Zhejiang University, Southeast University, Hohai University, Zhengzhou University, Chongqing University, Sichuan University.

Mr. Chen also told us: "We recently won the bid for the Tianjin Museum project. The Huagong Design Institute has set up a strong design team to successfully complete the task. This is the project that Tianjin built to celebrate the culture and art. The global solicitation program, which involves competition from the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries, but in the end we won the bid. And the latest winning Chengdu Railway Station, is a relatively large domestic project."

Although we have done so many projects, but you ask me which one is the most satisfactory, in my case, it is really not perfect, because after each design is done, I always think that the details of this link may be done. Better, it is the old saying: no best, only better!

Chinese national lighting companies should invest more in research and development

We must always pay attention to lighting products, because as a designer, you must be familiar with the product. We also need to set the relevant parameters and models on the drawings, such as some of the old companies Shanghai Yaming and so on, we have visited their factories. For some people who now say that designers are more willing to use well-known foreign brands, I think some lighting companies in China should look for reasons from their own perspectives, stand on the perspective of the country and the nation, and strengthen their investment and attention in technology research and development. In order to gradually reach the international advanced level, we have achieved excellent requirements in product technology and quality. Many things should be considered in the long run. It is the foundation of our Chinese national lighting enterprises. We must not only pursue short-term interests, but ignore the sustainable development of industries and enterprises.

The relationship between the designer and the owner

I think that the most important relationship between designers and owners is trust, although designers can usually draw design drawings, meet national norms, and do a good job of design effects, but when there is disagreement between the owner and the designer. First of all, it depends on the owner's point of view is not correct. If it is correct, it should first meet the requirements of the user, and the reaction should be based on the national interests.

How can I become a good designer?

I sincerely welcome all young people to enter this line. After a long trip, you will find that there is no hole in the sky. The design is a number, the design is a drawing, and the flowers can be opened in the drawings. I think that as a good designer, there are only three points:

1. First of all, we must have a sense of responsibility, that is, to be dedicated.
2. Have a solid foundation of professional knowledge.
3. Have a team spirit.

I hope that young people with ambitions in the future can become a good designer.

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