Never tried freshly ground? You may have been drinking fake coffee all the time

Never tried freshly ground? You may have been drinking fake coffee all the time

1 Siemens fully automatic espresso machine TE603801CN back to top

[PConline shopping guide] coffee from its hometown in Africa, along the equator all the way to the world, in the sky and the Capricorn two tropical plains and the mountains took root. In many cases, coffee is used as a stimulant, enema, cardiac stimulant, and a panacea for longevity. We drink coffee and enjoy its sweet bitterness, the boosting power of active thinking, and the glue that promotes engagement. However, in the Champs-Elysees Avenue filled with coffee aromas, behind the indescribable leisure and comfort, is a delicate preparation process, is an unknown history.

If you have only been drinking "three in one" and now come to a freshly brewed condensed espresso, you may feel that you have been drinking fake coffee before! In this issue, Xiao Bian has selected several million-dollar fully-automatic espresso machines, and local-class coffee enthusiasts will look at it.

Recommended products: Siemens fully automatic espresso machine TE603801CN
Reference price: 18,800 yuan

Siemens fully automatic espresso machine TE603801CN is equipped with an instant thermostatic system, the extraction temperature is constant and maintained at 90-95°C, and more coffee is released. You can also make two-in-one style espresso, double cup black coffee, espresso, black coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, milk foam, hot milk, hot water and other fancy coffee drinks. Over a hundred years of profound accumulation, Siemens fully automatic espresso machine TE603801CN releases your regular "Brown" mellow fragrance.

Siemens fully automatic espresso machine TE603801CN's integrated extraction unit can produce up to 15bar pressure, aroma lingering, comparable to manual compression. The unique 20-30 second time aroma extraction, with pre-soaking technology, full extraction in a short period of time so that your coffee instantly present in the aroma. At the same time, all the pipes will be automatically cleaned after each extraction. It is also equipped with a self-cleaning switch, a self-cleaning center for milk foam, calcium self-cleaning and other cleaning procedures.

Siemens fully automatic espresso machine TE603801CN adopts LCD touch color display, all the coffee varieties can be seen in the first level menu, touch operation is more convenient. With a smart coffee outlet, height adjustable: Even the 15cm high latte macchiato cup can be placed below. It also has a professional milk foam center. Every time coffee is made, it will automatically clean the milk foam center by steam. Not only can you enjoy delicate milk foam at any time, but also have a delicious "clear" life.

Edit Comment: Life is not about thinking but about enjoying life. A good book reads every aspect of life, and a cup of coffee gives a taste of life. Make an appointment with Siemens fully automatic espresso machine TE603801CN white glove service, provide professional coffee machine service personnel on-site service, test the water quality for you, debug the machine, and make the first cup of coffee for you. At the same time, you can easily grasp the correct use of the coffee machine and the necessary maintenance knowledge.

2 Delong Italian automatic coffee machine ETAM 36.365.MB back to top

Recommended Products: DeLong Italian automatic coffee machine ETAM 36.365.MB
Reference price: 22,800 yuan

The DeLong Italian automatic coffee machine ETAM 36.365.MB with PrimaDonna XS system using CRF technology has a compact, non-ducted system, combined with a 15 bar pump pressure, it will instantly make powdered coffee a cup of mellow and taste good Espresso coffee ensures compactness, simplicity, reliability and freshness. Also built in DeLong automatic cappuccino system, you can get all your favorite coffee drinks with one click: espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, coffee latte or hot milk.

Delong Italian automatic coffee machine ETAM 36.365.MB equipped with two lines of text display, an additional independent cappuccino system can be made of hot water or steam, can start the warm cup function, while equipped with water filters. With the new control panel, customized personalized coffee can be more easily customized. Not only small cups, medium cups and large cups of coffee can be selected according to personal preference, but also different shades of coffee can be selected, and also can be set. Higher, medium and lower temperature coffee cups are easy to use.

Delong Italian automatic coffee machine ETAM 36.365.MB equipped with removable extraction movement, to facilitate the user to clean the interior of the movement and the coffee machine. The 1.8 litre tank is also detachable and comes equipped with a water shortage indicator. With the use of a soft water filter, scale formation can be reduced, making the coffee taste more mellow. In addition, the silent type built-in coffee bean grinder has a 13-point grinding degree setting and a dual-use system for coffee beans and coffee powder.

Edit Comment: DeLong Italian automatic coffee machine ETAM 36.365.MB has a separate milk container, more easily customized personalized coffee, according to personal preferences, not only can be equipped with an automatic cappuccino milk container can be Remove the milk into the refrigerator to store milk; when the machine prompts for cleaning, press the clean button on the milk container, the coffee machine will be cleaned automatically, which is convenient and practical.

3 Philips Italian automatic coffee machine HD8953/21 back to top

Recommended Products: Philips Automatic Coffee Machine HD8953/21
Reference price: 15800 yuan

Inheriting 50 years of professional coffee traditions and knowledge, Philips has designed an easy and convenient coffee machine for those who know how to enjoy the good things in life. Each coffee machine is equipped with a unique brewing system. The Philips automatic espresso machine HD8953/21 fully uses a ceramic grinder to achieve a uniform grinding effect without overheating the coffee beans and saying goodbye to the scorched taste of coffee. Perfect espresso coffee. At the same time, ceramic materials also ensure long-lasting performance and full silent operation.

The Philips automatic espresso machine HD8953/21 has an intuitive display that shows all the relevant information to help you easily control the espresso machine and give it the best performance. There are also 6 personalized settings that remember your personal preferences for different coffee drinks. This allows you to easily get a tailor-made gourmet coffee in a multi-use environment.

Philips Italian automatic coffee machine HD8953/21 with a new dual-storage milker patented technology, taste the automatic creation of special milk products. Simply pour the milk into the milk storage container and then plug it back in to the coffee machine and select your coffee beverage. The dual-chamber technology allows you to enjoy a full-bodied and professional coffee beverage at all times, and a steady stream of milk to create a durable milk foam at an ideal temperature without any splashes. Enjoy the super creamy cappuccino with the right temperature in the easiest way.

Edit Comment: Whether you are enjoying coffee or simply enjoying coffee. Just press a button and the Philips automatic espresso machine HD8953/21 will give you the perfect espresso, cappuccino or milk foam, allowing you to share an entire pot of mellow coffee with your friends and family.

4 Jura ENA Micro 9 Home Automatic Coffee Machine Back to Top

Recommended products: Jura ENA Micro 9 home automatic coffee machine Price: 17800 yuan

JURA Elektroapparate AG was founded in 1931 and has long been dedicated to the research, development and manufacture of high-end household appliances. Since the mid-1980s, Yurui has focused on the development of home-grown automatic coffee machines, and has gradually become the industry's leading brand and manufacturer. The Jura ENA Micro 9 home fully automatic coffee machine is equipped with a revolutionary AROMA+ grinder, which can reduce the time by 50%. At the same time, the coffee flavor also increases the aroma and oil by 30%.

Jura ENA Micro 9 home automatic coffee machine can DIY variety of coffee drinks, choose from a wide range, including espresso, light coffee, condense macchiato, combo blue, cappuccino, hot tea, coffee latte, lattema Qi Duo, milk foam, American coffee, etc. are all available.

The hanging operation interface makes the operation easier and you can cook a cup of milky cappuccino or latte macchiato according to your mood all the time. Jura ENA Micro 9 home automatic coffee machine also has a fresh coffee bean storage device. The special silicone sealing cover keeps the freshness of the coffee beans more persistently. It is the coffee's aroma that is richer and more mellow.

Editor's comment: The accumulation of years of experience and innovations in patented technology have enabled Ulead's product line to extend from the home to the commercial sector. Whether it's a cappuccino or a milk foam, the Jura ENA Micro 9 home automatic coffee machine allows you to enjoy cappuccino or milk foam in seconds, within seconds. Enjoy a mellow drink and an mellow drink at an appropriate temperature.

Editor's summary: Xu Zhimo once said that if Paris lacks a cafe, I am afraid it will become something lovely. Perhaps, the colorful, sleek Champs Elysées Avenue, those that are gorgeous or quaint, or mottled cafes, is the most attractive thing in Paris.

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