Japan's Toyama sells deep UV LED wafer production lines and patents to Stanley Electric

Japan's Toyama sells deep UV LED wafer production lines and patents to Stanley Electric

Recently, Japanese chemical giant Tokuyama and Japanese electrical equipment manufacturer Stanley Electric decided to expand cooperation in the field of deep ultraviolet LEDs. Deshan maintains research and development of deep ultraviolet LED materials, while wafer production, packaging, and Stanley Electric is responsible for the manufacturing and sales of products. Deshan's deep UV LED wafer production line and patents were transferred to Stanley Electric.

Deep ultraviolet light refers to ultraviolet light with a shorter wavelength. In the field of LEDs, the main development is now to release "UV-C", a type of light of 100 to 280 nm (nano, nanometer is 1 billion). The sun also contains deep ultraviolet rays, but it is blocked by the ozone layer and cannot reach the ground.

Deep ultraviolet light can directly act on the basis of life - DNA, which fundamentally breaks down bacterial reproduction. Studies have shown that deep ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 260 nm is particularly susceptible to absorption by DNA. Has the effect of eliminating DNA genetic information.

Principle of ultraviolet sterilization

Deep ultraviolet LEDs are widely used. In addition to water purification, air cleaning, dust collector sterilization, skin disease treatment, infection blocking in hospitals, etc., have been applied.

In order to capture the rapidly growing UV LED market, the goal of cost reduction through the improvement of luminous efficiency and mass production technology has created a fierce competition in technology development around the world. With the Nobel technology source, Japan is currently at the forefront of deep UV development.

Deshan is a well-known comprehensive chemical company that produces caustic soda, cement, polysilicon, PVC, fumed silica and other products. A joint research group consisting of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and Deshan has developed a technology that can produce high-purity aluminum nitride crystals, thereby obtaining high-performance substrate crystallization, ensuring the sterilization effect and service life of LED lamps.

Since then, Deshan and the Japanese information and communication research institute have changed the molecular structure of the substrate to create a "photonic crystal structure", and then formed a "hybrid structure, which has improved the light extraction efficiency by about 2 times. There are media reports, Deshan Research and Development. The world's highest output, more than 90mW deep ultraviolet LED.

In addition, Japanese companies that have invested in the field of UV LEDs include Nikkiso and Asahi Kasei. In recent years, they have made significant progress in UV LED every year.

In addition, Chinese companies represented by Hongli Zhihui and Guoxing Optoelectronics have planned or have launched their own deep ultraviolet LED products.

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