The first sun on this site: EPSON EPSON L485 ink cartridge smart wireless printer

The first sun on this site: EPSON EPSON L485 ink cartridge smart wireless printer

Strictly speaking, it is not the first single. Originally sun-dried through the ZIPPO of Amaya, said that the picture is too small. Let's make a few more pictures, and I will delete it. (Ps is lazy to find a reason)

Reasons to purchase

The baby at home is almost 10 months old. The second baby has 4 months to be born. There are a lot of pictures on the phone. I am afraid I can't save it. I want to print a photo, and I do need a printer at home. And spend money each time do not know what to spend, just want to print out the monthly bills, but also to their own whip, must strive to make money! After all, the money is not saved. The two children are under pressure! ! !

The reason for choosing Epson is that this worthy friend's drying order:

My wish list--------EPSON Epson L365 printer evaluation, purchase has been wondering to buy a printer, you can always print the photos just taken out, always stubborn think that physical than mobile phones, albums The photo is more temperature. (a), first determine the demand because it is home, will not hit a lot of photos a day. Therefore, I did not want to buy compatible ink, the original effect is good, affordable is the first choice to consider, to play color photos, resolution, print results can not be too bad, although I was just a reeling mobile phone party, there is no variety of small probe deLife Like Like 65 Comments 78 Favorites280View Details

I didn't understand anything about the printer series. I looked at it before I bought it. I planted grass on Epson. (Ps:L485 is an upgraded version of L455)

Select L485 is it has all the features are also available, the price is also OK!

Appearance Gallery

Now start the map

Family portrait

Ink cartridge

After adding ink!


According to the above text is not clear: Please refer to the first reading to complete the initial charge

When the new machine is installed, the LCD prompts “please read the first reading to complete initial ink charge”. How to solve it?

Special Note: Before the new machine is filled with ink, please make sure that all the ink tanks of the printer are full of ink.

1. After the LCD screen prompts “please read the first step to complete initial ink charge”, press the “OK” button for 3 seconds.

2. The LCD prompts "Confirm that the ink tank is full." Press the blue button to start ink charging. The ink filling process takes about 20 minutes.

Note: Do not unplug the power cord, do not turn off the power, do not load paper. Do not connect the data cable to the computer, do not operate the printer, so as to avoid ink interruption!

Put in your own CD and follow it step-by-step!

experience feelings

The overall use is OK, and it's not bad to print it on A4. But when you print it on photo paper, you don't feel the color is so beautiful! Kodak High glossy photo paper was selected as photo paper. I don't know if it's not my setting or the photo paper selection. Anyway, the printed photo doesn't feel so good!

My little princess

to sum up

Advantages: Easy to use, full-featured, and print-ready. After all, I first touched a color printer.

Disadvantages: Print photos for a long time, the sound is slightly larger, and it is very troublesome to connect WIFI, but there is a one-button connection, and if so, it is very convenient (nonsense).

Limited time, we will bring you a detailed use evaluation. Which Great God knows how to print photos better? Welcome to the comment area!

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