Yuyao service area property management service order maintenance personnel project tender notice

Yuyao service area property management service order maintenance personnel project tender notice

Zhejiang High Speed ​​Investment Development Co., Ltd. due to the original property contract expires, need to re-bid the property management service project in the service area, the project has been approved by the higher company, the bidder is Zhejiang High Speed ​​Investment Development Co., Ltd., the cost has been included in the company budget, has the tender conditions, The relevant matters are now announced as follows:

1. Project Overview
1.1 The tender notice project is the Yuyao service area property management service order maintenance project of G92 Hangzhou Bay Link Expressway.
1.2 Scope of work: The daily management of fire-fighting facilities in service areas, the management of the order of traffic and parking, and the maintenance of public order.
2. The term of the contract
The contract period of the G92 Hangzhou Bay Link Expressway Yuyao service area is 3 years.
3. Qualification requirements of bidders
3.1 An independent legal entity with a registered capital of not less than 2 million yuan (including 2 million yuan). An enterprise that has the qualification for property service at level 3 or above or a security company with a security license.
3.2 There is no condition of being ordered to suspend business or bankruptcy, the property is taken over, frozen, etc. (Bidder shall provide a commitment letter in the bidding documents).
3.3 In the tendering and bidding activities or construction process, no bad behavior is restricted by the state, industry competent authorities or the bidding management agency at or above the provincial level, and shall be within the limited bidding period. (Bidders must provide a letter of commitment in the tender documents).
3.4 This tender does not accept the Commonwealth bid. The subject of this tender is not allowed to subcontract or subcontract.
3.5 Bidders must be VAT general taxpayers.
4. High price limit
The tender announcement project announced that the tender price limit of 2,286,705 yuan.
5. Acquisition of tender documents
Those interested in bidding, please bidders from February 14, 2017 to February 20, 2017 (working day) 8:45, 13:00

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