Capability Storm 2016 inventory: 20 years of grinding a sword, thick plot "礴" hair

Capability Storm 2016 inventory: 20 years of grinding a sword, thick plot "礴" hair

Since 1996, Capability Storm created a new category of educational robots in its 22-square-meter office, and it has experienced 20 years of profound accumulation. In the past 2016, Capability Storm continued to write its own and new legend of the industry with unparalleled momentum.

Better lines of business covering the fullest range of education robots

Over the past 20 years, Capability Storm has focused on the To B business and is committed to working with schools to build children’s success and technology literacy through the establishment of an educational robotics laboratory on campus. Today, the capability storm has penetrated more than 23,000 primary and secondary schools in 31 countries and regions in the world, and established 1,200 robotic laboratories, developed more than 120 kinds of products, compiled more than 50 sets of teaching materials, and trained over 300,000 robotic teachers.

After more and more children are exposed to the ability storm education robot through the school, its extraordinary educational value is deeply rooted in people's minds. Only the school curriculum can no longer meet the urgent needs of parents and children. A brand-new To C market ushered in the outbreak. critical point.

This year, Capability Storm made two steps in the first half of the year and completed the development and layout of the To C market.

In the first half of the year, Capability Storm made an effort to establish its own educational robot activity center. This is an off-campus training institution for 5-16 year-olds who are capable of training their own robots and curriculum systems. On January 1, the first educational robot activity center of capacity storm, the Chunshen Road Campus, was formally opened, and then expanded rapidly at an average rate of one every three days. The development is unstoppable.

In the second half of the year, the educational storm robot products for the family market were launched on the market. Online marketing channels spread out a full range of marketing channels. On September 1st, Expo Expo was the first experience shop of the ability storm robots to appear first. After that, it was uncontrollable to open more than 40 outlets nationwide within two months. On December 15th, the United States time, Capability Education The robot experience store US flagship store settled in Los Angeles. These experience stores provided robotic project experience beyond product sales, allowing more and more young people to have access to educational robots; October 13th Storms Tmall flagship store opened grandly and conveniently. E-commerce allows people to buy the products they want, no matter where they are.

The improvement of the three business lines covers the most complete format of educational robots, so that each child can touch and possess the dream of an educational robot into reality.

(Capacity Storm Education Robotics Center)

The products are more advanced and establish a new model for educational robots

In 1998, Capability Storm released the world's first educational robot product, Mobile Series AS-M, followed by a six-sided building block series and a series of modular modules that can be assembled without a single screw. , set up a model for the educational robot product market.

Nowadays, under the circumstance of imitating goods, the brand new educational robot series was launched on September 8th this year at the Shanghai Oriental Art Center, with more than 800 dealers, more than 200 media, and 500 from 23 countries around the world. A number of fans with abilities storm the event. This is the first new product launch event for educational robotics products in history, and was rated as a landmark by the world’s largest education robot Jake Mendelssohn: “I saw the revolutionary achievements of educational robots and saw the educational robots from building blocks and moving. The type of robots has expanded to humanoids and flying robots. It has seen the good prospects of kindergarten kids implementing robotics projects and saw that educational robots contain cutting-edge, cutting-edge technologies."

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