Storm Mirror Matrix to dry PS VR / Oculus Rift / HTC Vive have a play?

Storm Mirror Matrix to dry PS VR / Oculus Rift / HTC Vive have a play?

Although the so-called VR first year of 2016 proved to be not ideal, but as the world's three major Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PS VR still won the favor of many consumers. The data shows that PS VR has become the biggest winner of this year's VR headset, but the VR all-in-one Matrix, which was recently released by Stormwind Mirror, is said to be the top three. By comparing us to see if it is possible?

Storm Mirror VR machine released by Matrix

On December 20th, Storm Mirror officially released the VR all-in-one Matrix in Beijing. Its built-in 3K screen and Snapdragon 820 cost 2,499 yuan; the latter price is 199 yuan. Although it is called an all-in-one machine, MATRIx uses a split design, and its processing components are placed in a small box and linked with the head display cable.

The Matrix is ​​equipped with a Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB of running memory and two square 1440*1440 resolution screens. The PPI is up to 705, the refresh rate is 90HZ, the delay is less than 17ms, and the weight is 230g.

MaTIx uses a 5000mA battery that can run for 4 hours without charging and supports fast charging technology. On the system, Matrix is ​​equipped with Magic UI2.0. Supports both the voice and keyboard input methods of the Sogou input method.

In addition, Matrix is ​​equipped with a nine-axis body handle with built-in gyroscope and touchpad.

At the press conference, Huang Xiaojie, CEO of Storm Mirror, said that Matrix has started recruiting experiencers on the official website, a total of 100, the experience price is 1999 yuan, will be shipped on January 20.

MATrix claims to “dry up the world's three big heads”, which is very worthy of attention.

What is the Matrix experience?
How is the Matrix experience?

According to the Storm Mirror, the MATrix machine has made breakthroughs in the factors of clarity, head weight and vertigo that have plagued the development of VR products. Is this really the case?

Some people said that the MATrix integrated head is really light and wears no pressure; the 3K screen can display more details than the average mobile phone box, but the picture is not clear enough to see the face, the people in the video As long as the face is not close, it is still very vague; in a short experience time, the MATrix all-in-one machine runs smoothly, and there is no dizziness like a storm phone box when turning, and the experience is better.

However, after all, MATRIx is not yet on the market, and the experience and response are still unknown. What are the top three configurations and strengths of the world that Matrix wants to turn over?

The world's three major VR heads

Oculus Rift

The $599 Oculus Rift includes an Oculus Rift headset, an Oculus Remote, a position tracking camera and an Xbox One controller, all without the Oculus Touch controller. At this stage, the game is played with the Oculus Rift, which is primarily accessed through the Xbox One handle and head position tracking.

Users of the Oculus Touch have commented that the Oculus controller is designed with a completely handy design and even the weight distribution is well designed. The thumb, forefinger and middle finger can naturally be placed on three buttons, and there is no need to think about "what key do I want to press".

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