Brocade expands data center solutions to help companies digitally transform

Brocade expands data center solutions to help companies digitally transform

A digital revolution is on the rise in the world. The transformation of traditional enterprises into digital is a subversive process. It not only needs to reflect on the culture and strategy of the enterprise, but also needs to make integration changes to the enterprise network architecture and business operations.

Brocade expands data center solutions to help companies digitally transform

In the process of digital transformation, enterprises are constrained by traditional network resources, forcing them to say "goodbye" to the old infrastructure and to challenge how to build a future-oriented data center. While virtualization and cloud models are expanding, they require greater network agility and performance and promise to reduce operational costs and complexity. "The basics of digital transformation require an agile IT." Mr. Gu Zengyun, technical manager of Brocade China.

To help companies quickly adapt to technology transitions, deliver new services at the speed of the cloud and accelerate digital transformation, Brocade announces the further expansion of the Brocade SLX series, the addition of innovative switches for network visibility, and the addition of Brocade Workflow Composer automation The kit acts as a turnkey automation kit. This is the industry's first data center networking portfolio that delivers agility across all layers of the data center stack while providing customers with choices through openness.

Mr. Gu Zengyun said that customers need multi-layered agility. Brocade's portfolio of data center products helps companies improve agility in three ways –

· DevOps-inspired automation: The Brocade Workflow Composer platform and automation suite increases IT agility and accelerates innovation through cross-domain event-driven automation;

· Embedded Network Visibility: Brocade SLX Insight Architecture and Visibility Services enable visibility from wired to workload, enabling universal real-time monitoring and automated operations;

Adaptive platform flexibility: With programmable ASICs, open APIs, and adaptive emerging speed, standards, and protocol design, the Brocade SLX portfolio delivers agility at all levels of the data center stack.

While leveraging the Brocade SLX Insight Architecture, the new Brocade SLX 9140, SLX 9240 and SLX 9540 data center switches, based on the Brocade SLX 9850 routing solution launched in September this year, offer flexible Leaf, Spine and Edge connection. By embedding network visibility on every router and switch, organizations can achieve universal visibility across the network to quickly identify problems, speed up average time to repair, and improve overall service levels. The Brocade SLX 9140 and 9240 extend these capabilities with a programmable ASIC that provides visibility from physical network lines to virtual networks and workloads.

The Brocade Workflow Composer Automation Suite, which provides out-of-the-box network lifecycle automation for frequently performed tasks, can be packaged for use in key use cases. Each automation suite includes documentation and a range of turnkey, customizable workflows, services, sensors, actions and rules. Customers can use the Brocade Automation Suite without any changes, or use it as a starter kit to build or customize workflows for their data center needs, reducing time to value.

Brocade's approach to embedding visibility into switches, coupled with enhanced automation and programmability, can help companies transform their networks to align with their digital transformation initiatives.

It is reported that the Brocade SLX 9140 and SLX 9240 are currently scheduled to be ordered in January 2017. All switches are scheduled to be fully available in April 2017.

Brocade expands data center solutions to help enterprises digital transformation_big data, data mining, digital transformation

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