VR capital cold wave is coming, Oracle is coming to join in the fun

VR capital cold wave is coming, Oracle is coming to join in the fun

Some people say that the cold wave of VR capital is coming, but recently Oracle (Oracle) invested in two major data research projects of the Department of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics of the University of Western Sydney, Australia. These two projects are mainly used for new application of visual analysis technology, respectively. Technology better analyzes data in the field of childhood cancer treatment and uses VR/AR to aid in the visual analysis of large-scale data.

Oracle is the world's largest enterprise software company. In 2013, Oracle overtook IBM to become the world's second largest software company after Microsoft.

Talking about the original intention of the first project, Dr. Nguyen of the University of Western Sydney said that although the cure rate of childhood cancer has greatly increased, there are still many problems to be solved. Because the human genome is huge and each contains the genetic information of each individual patient and the biological mechanisms of the disease they are suffering from. Data visualization technology research is beneficial to combine genetic information with clinical data to find safer, more effective and non-toxic treatments.


The second research project focuses on the application of virtual reality and augmented reality tools in large-scale data analysis, and is currently looking for PhD students.

Using the latest VR/AR technology, developing a new immersive data visualization analysis experience can help solve the large amount of unused data generated by the society today. The combination of VR/AR technology and different fields will benefit the entire human society.

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