How do you know that your smart TV doesn't need a TV box?

How do you know that your smart TV doesn't need a TV box?

There are many types of smart TV set-top boxes in the market, including ordinary LCD TVs and smart TVs that can be connected to the Internet. Many users have both smart TVs and set-top boxes. Why is this? Today, Xiao Bian takes everyone to discuss what is happening. The next smart TV needs a set-top box.

I believe that many smart TV users who do not know much about it will have this question. In fact, smart TV can be understood as a combination of network set-top boxes and ordinary LCD TVs. Set-top boxes are divided into cable set-top boxes and network set-top boxes, so you have to ask intelligence. Whether or not the TV still needs a set-top box, it depends on whether the set-top box is a network set-top box or a cable set-top box.

Smart TVs need Internet set-top boxes?

Xiaobian thinks it is not necessary in the short term, but long-term consideration is needed. The reason is based on the following points:

1. Smart TVs and network set-top boxes also rely on hardware support, but with the rapid development of technology, existing hardware will not be able to run the latest technology applications, which will greatly affect the user experience, so they have to replace the new machine. However, the cost of smart TV replacement is too large, ranging from 2000-3000 to as much as 10,000 yuan, while the network set-top box only needs a few hundred dollars.

2. Today, smart TVs and network set-top boxes on the market are mostly equipped with Android systems. Although they have a strong openness, they can watch TV live broadcasts, on-demand programs, and install third-party software. However, problems are inevitable. Black screens, crashes, and Caton are even more. Homely meals.

If the network set-top box encounters such a problem, we can boldly try to solve it (big one for the other), but the smart TV will not work. Once it is repaired (doing something that should not be done), the merchant will no longer undertake the after-sales service. The price is too high. If you use the network set-top box to bear this risk, it will be very cost-effective.

Does a smart TV need a cable set-top box?

Cable set-top box
It depends on who it will serve. If it is bought for parents, then I personally think that the cable set-top box is still necessary, don't look now everyone is shouting how simple the smart TV operation, but it is not true, relatively speaking, its operation The process is still rather troublesome, and watching TV live may face issues such as failure of the program source, black screens, etc. If such problems are encountered and they are not around their parents, can they still watch TV properly?
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