The Internet of Things market will reach 1.7 trillion.

The Internet of Things market will reach 1.7 trillion.

The Internet of Things as a new market that is booming in the world, in June this year, the scientific research institute IDC International Data Corporation IDC said that by 2020, the global Internet of Things market will reach 1.7 trillion, from 14 years of 655.8 billion US dollars per year The compound annual growth rate of 16.9% is rapidly rising, and the entire IoT market will be completely different from today's market, presenting new players, new business models and a wide range of products and solutions. Will be everywhere and replace the existing lifestyle.

Although talking about the Internet of Things, more in front of the wearable devices and smart home solutions, but in addition to the above market, the direct value market that the Internet of Things really cultivates lies in enterprises and business users, the application of the Internet of Things may be more Similar to traditional IT diffusion models (from 2B to 2C models), rather than user-led social products and personal circulation.

The future changes of the Internet of Things and the market explosion are mainly reflected in 10 points:

First, the platform:

The Internet of Things market will reach 1.7 trillion.

The platform is the key to the success of the Internet of Things. “Things” will become cheaper and cheaper, applications will multiply, and connections may not cost at all. The IoT platform forms a single IoT product by bundling many infrastructures. In the future, the IoT platform may be divided into three categories:

1. Basic control and operation of low-demand equipment, such as communication, equipment monitoring, management, security, and firmware updates

2, IoT data acquisition, conversion and management

3. Development of IoT applications, including logic drivers, programmable applications, visual management, analysis and adaptation to enterprise systems

Second, standards and ecosystems

The Internet of Things market will reach 1.7 trillion.

Gartner, an information technology research and analysis company, pointed out that the surge in IoT devices has stimulated new ecosystems. The technology around the ecosystem and the competition for products will revolve around the control of smart homes, smart cities and smart healthcare.

Gartner also believes that new products created by organizations will have to go through multiple versions of the product to adapt to the complex ecology and standards, and that products must be in their life cycle, new standards that may change at any time, and the emergence of APIs. Upgrade.

For the market share of IoT applications, there will be large-scale market competition, application developers will launch thousands and even millions of new and cool apps, along with hundreds of millions of devices will be presented A blowout environment with PB level data. Similar to the current smartphone market, the birth of this part of the APP means competition and competition, as long as a small number of products can survive and stand upstream of the value chain.

Third, the event stream processing

According to Gartner's report, some IoT applications will greatly increase the amount of data that needs real-time analysis. It is common for the system to generate tens of thousands of items per second. Millions of items per second may exist in the present. In the telecommunications environment, distributed flow computing platforms (DSCPs) have emerged to meet such computing needs. They typically use a parallel architecture to handle high-frequency data streams to perform some real-time analysis and pattern recognition tasks.

Fourth, the operating system

In response to the emergence of the platform, there will be a wide operating system market for the Internet of Things environment in different scenarios.

Five, processor and architecture

When designing an end device, you need to fully consider the product's need for deep technical skills. The processor and the entire product architecture need to go through a frequent iteration.

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