Want fish to grow healthier? Take a look at this smart aquarium

Want fish to grow healthier? Take a look at this smart aquarium

Tencent Digital (compilation: Mi Ke) Many people have a variety of sizes and styles of fish tanks or aquariums in their homes. For friends who like fish farming, the aquarium is actually a small world that not only gives us Add a little energy to your home and you can also cultivate the joy of life.

The smart Aquarium, which is crowdfunded on Indiegogo and is called BIOTA, is a small, well-designed ecosystem that can provide a sustainable breeding environment for fish and corals.

BIOTA uses a saltwater ecosystem that can be intelligently designed to provide an intelligent 50L seawater ecosystem where fish and coral can grow naturally and healthily, as in the sea.

At the same time, BIOTA also provides complete instructions, whether lighting, filtration, cleaning systems, fish food, corals, etc., we can match the most beautiful aquariums under the guidance of BIOTA.

All components of BIOTA have been carefully designed, and both beginners and professional enthusiasts can make DIY modifications to BIOTA according to their own preferences, so that each BIOTA has a unique style.

You know, if the wrong choice of different fish combinations is very likely to reduce the survival rate of small fish, BIOTA provides a low-cost solution that allows the fish to grow in the most suitable environment. Let us also experience the wonderful feeling of being in the aquarium at home.

How about seeing the cute clownfish shuttle between beautiful corals, will it remind you of the classic Disney animation "Finding Nemo?" At present, BIOTA Smart Marine Aquarium has started crowdfunding on Indiegogo, with early bird prices starting at US$89 (about RMB600), and if all goes well, it is expected to ship in November this year.

If you are curious about the underwater world, you might as well use BIOTA to add a mini ecological circulatory system to your home.

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ECU Connector Section

ECU Connector Section.

ECU-MEM-CONNECTOR is used to connect the ECU-MEM to the DIAG-LAYER. This part of ODX also links the ECU-MEM-objects with DIAG-COMMS e.g. used to read idents, download or upload the data. It allows an ECU to be flashed using ODX.

There are nearly 100 kinds of connectors used in general automobiles, and hundreds of connectors are used in a single vehicle model. With the increasing demand for automobile safety, environmental protection, comfort and intelligence, the application of automotive electronic products is increasing, which will make the number of automotive connector applications increase.

Four basic structural components of automobile connector

1. Contact

It is the core part of automobile connector to complete the electrical connection function. Generally, the contact pair is composed of positive contact and negative contact, and the electrical connection is completed by inserting the female and male contacts. The positive contact is a rigid part, and its shape is cylindrical (round pin), square cylinder (square pin) or flat (insert piece). The positive contact is generally made of brass and phosphor bronze.

The female contact, namely jack, is the key part of the contact pair. It relies on the elastic structure to produce elastic force due to elastic deformation when it is inserted with the pin, and forms a close contact with the positive contact to complete the connection. There are many kinds of Jack structures, such as cylinder type (split slot, shrink mouth), tuning fork type, cantilever beam type (longitudinal slot, 9-shaped), box type (square socket) and hyperboloid linear spring jack.

2. Shell

Also known as the shell, it is the cover of automobile connector, which provides mechanical protection for the built-in insulation mounting plate and pin, and provides the alignment of plug and socket when inserting, so as to fix the connector to the equipment.

3. Insulator

Insulator is also called automobile connector base or insert. Its function is to arrange the contact according to the required position and spacing, and to ensure the insulation performance between contacts and between contact and shell. Good insulation resistance, voltage resistance and machinability are the basic requirements for selecting insulating materials to be processed into insulators.

4. Annex

Accessories are divided into structural accessories and installation accessories. Structural accessories such as snap ring, locating key, locating pin, guide pin, connecting ring, cable clamp, sealing ring, sealing gasket, etc. Install accessories such as screws, nuts, screws, coils, etc. Most accessories have standard parts and general parts. It is these four basic structural components that enable the automotive connector to act as a bridge and operate stably.

Application characteristics of automotive connector

From the use purpose of the automobile connector, in order to ensure the better driving of the car, we can divide the reliability of the connector into the sealing property in use and the fireproof performance in the driving of the car. In addition, in the driving of the car, the connector can also show the shielding performance and temperature control performance. In general, when discussing the sealing property of automobile connector, the sealing performance of automobile connector is not only for water.

In this field, the current international management standard is IP67, which is also the highest level in the automotive closure industry. Although the waterproof requirements are different in different parts of the car, many automobile manufacturers will choose IP67 to ensure the airtight performance of their car connectors.

In the driving of the car, power supply is a very important energy source, not only related to the normal work of the engine, but also often involved in the use of power supply in the process of driving. Therefore, in the automotive power system, the automotive connector has different division, between the male connector and the equipment, between the male connector and the cable, between the male and female connector, and between the female connector and cable, there are certain sealing measures that can be implemented.

Sealing ring is a common tool in the sealing performance of automotive connector. This tool can not only achieve the effect of fixing between different hole positions, but also achieve the sealing effect. It can not only ensure the stable operation of automobile equipment, but also ensure the waterproof performance of automobile equipment in work. Most of the sealing rings are made of silicone rubber, which is made of liquid silicon and solid silicon after certain chemical changes.

Now the car is in use, electronic circuit technology is an important aspect of the automotive industry, not only in the driver's entertainment, but also in the driver's driving car control system, electronic circuit technology plays an important role in the stable work of the car. In order to ensure the stable work of electronic circuit technology, people have applied a lot of shielding technology in automobile production.

These shielding technologies not only play a protective role in the electronic circuit of the automobile, but also have the ability of anti-interference and anti radiation in the parts of the car. In addition, they can also play a protective role for the stable work of the automobile connector. These can be divided into two types of external shielding and internal shielding.

When using external shielding to protect automobile connector, two identical shielding shells are usually assembled together to form a shielding layer, and the length of the shielding layer can cover the whole length of the connector. On the shielding layer shell, there should be enough locking plate structure to ensure the reliable installation of the shielding layer. In addition, the shielding materials used should not only be treated by electroplating, but also be treated to prevent chemical corrosion.

The future trend of automotive connector

At present, the global automotive connector industry accounts for about 15% of the connector industry. In the future, it is expected to take a larger proportion under the drive of automotive electronic products. In terms of product cost structure, the average cost of connectors used in each car in China is only a few hundred yuan, compared with that of foreign countries

ECU Connector Section

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