Millet TV splash screen problem solution summary

Millet TV splash screen problem solution summary

Today, many families purchase smart TVs for their TVs. In the TV market, millet TVs, which were born for the fever, are now favored by consumers in the TV industry. However, millet TVs sometimes have a splash screen. LCD do not worry, Xiao Bian today to analyze the details of how to do millet TV splash screen.

Millet TV splash screen how to solve?

What is a TV splash screen:

Splash screen was originally a professional term for computer displays and is now used in a wide range of display products. The product refers to the phenomenon that the screen flickers when the monitor is running, such as the screen shakes, and bars and bars appear. The general TV splash screen is a common problem. It will not only appear on millet TVs, but other smart TVs will have such problems.

Millet TV splash screen causes:

In general, the causes of the splash screen in Xiaomi TV can be divided into external and internal reasons.

External causes:

Unstable TV input signal Unstable display connection cable is unstable

Internal reasons:

The TV screen has a problem. The internal high-voltage board chip is broken. The TV's drive circuit has poor stability.

Millet LCD TV splash screen solution:

If it is a signal problem, then it is not anxious. After the signal is stable, it will naturally not appear again.
If the voltage is unstable, it is recommended to turn off the TV and restore the voltage to normal before use, so as not to damage the TV;
As for the connection of the connection line is not stable, it is only necessary to turn off the power and connect it. These problems are easy to solve.

Millet LCD TV splash internal causes:

1, LCD screen problems, led light tube is broken, which needs to get repair shop maintenance;
2. The chip inside the high voltage board of the LCD TV is broken, causing the voltage output of the high voltage board to be unstable on the screen. It may also cause the screen splash phenomenon, and it must also be taken to the repair shop for maintenance.
3, LCD TV internal drive circuit instability or damage, please go to the repair shop or a professional person to repair.

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