What does the color of a birthday candle mean?

What does the color of a birthday candle mean?

Red birthday candle represents 10, blue birthday candle represents 5, white birthday candle represents 1

Birthday Candles In many parts of China, people like to light candles on their birthdays. In ancient times, candles used for birthdays were larger in shape than candles used for lighting. They were red and burned with gold; such as the word “Shou”. When making birthday, candles should be placed on both sides of Sado Hall to be lighted. Some gifts such as Shou Tao, Shou Mian, Shou Bao, Shou Sha and others should be placed on the case. In modern life, there are also no candles at the birthday party. Candles are not only red, but also evolve into 12 colors such as yellow and blue, and the appearance is more exquisite. How old is the birthday, how many candles are inserted in the birthday cake, and there is also a candle that represents 10 years old. After a candle is ignited, if a birthday person can blow it out, it shows that his wish can be realized.

Insertion of birthday candle

If the birthday is between 1 and 10 years old, insert 1 to 10 candles. If he or she is 11 years old or older, if the birthday is a man, insert the ten-digit candle on the left side of the left hand side, the right hand side is odd. If the birthday star is a woman, then the right side is inserted with ten digits and the left side is a single digit.

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