Taijie Box WE30 installs a sofa butler with its own "Quick Install" feature

Taijie Box WE30 installs a sofa butler with its own "Quick Install" feature

Taijie box WE30 is a network high-definition television box, not only has a strong hardware configuration, and system optimization is also very smooth, because the box integration CIBN Tencent version broadcast control platform, can not directly install third-party on-demand broadcast, live software, then Tate How to install third-party software box, the following Xiaobian introduced a very simple method.

Installation process
1. Download the sofa butler installation package, download address: http://,→2. Ensure that the Tektronix WE30 box and the computer are connected to the same WiFi → 3, open the Tage WE30 box, set to allow installation of third-party applications → 4. open Taijie box WE30 application mall - quick installation → 5. Computer terminal input "quick installation" prompts in the URL → 6 computer terminal to the box to send a sofa butler installation package → 7. TV confirm whether the installation is complete.

Specific steps
1, the computer to download the sofa butler latest installation package, click on "download now" (the official download address: http://)

2. Connect Taijie WE30 and your computer to the same wifi (guaranteed in the same LAN);

3, open Tage WE30 box, the default state prohibits the installation of third-party applications, we need to manually open.
(1). Find the WE30 desktop "Settings" menu,

(2) Enter the "Security and Privacy" option;
(3). Set the "Install unknown source applications" option to "Allow";
4. Open the Tektronix box WE30 app store - find the "Quick Install"

5. The computer enters the prompt URL in the "Quick Install"

6. The computer sends the sofa butler package to the box

6. The TV confirms that the installation is complete.

After the installation of the sofa butler, we can download a variety of live broadcast, on-demand applications, on-demand applications recommended: pudding video, vst all polymerization, Taijie video;
Live Recommended: HDP Live

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