Xiao Bian Comments: Network Box Care Cheats

Xiao Bian Comments: Network Box Care Cheats

With the development of smart times, science and technology has brought us more and more conveniences and benefits. The internet box has entered millions of households. Then the problem comes. It is also a TV box with the same brand that we bought together. For example, we bought UT eggs together. Why do some families have more than three years of use and do not experience major use failures, and some families experience problems such as crashes in less than a year? In fact, this is related to our daily use of the TV box maintenance habits. According to investigations by relevant agencies, 99% of people do not know how to properly use and maintain TV boxes. The network box, like people, needs regular maintenance and beauty so that its appearance and inner talent are perfect. I hope the following maintenance tips will help you!

We demonstrate with UT eggs

1. Shut off and unplug the box power adapter

The habit of many users is to use a remote control to directly switch off the TV box and the TV. At this time, the box and the TV are in the standby state, which still consumes electricity, which is also a very unsafe practice. The correct approach is to turn off the TV power and then unplug the TV box adapter.

2. Do not pull out the memory card

People who have used a smart phone know that many phones don’t support “hot plugging”, and TV boxes do the same. Especially when we look at the local video that takes up a lot of memory, using it to remove the memory card can damage the box motherboard and cause the system to crash. The correct method is to exit the video and then remove the memory card.

3. Do not put the TV box next to high-power appliances

A home appliance with strong electromagnetic interference, such as audio, can cause instability in the WIFI of a TV box or a splash phenomenon when watching a video.

4. Avoid frequent plugging and unplugging of the TV box interface

Frequent plugging and unplugging may cause poor contact or damage to the interface, and may also cause dust to enter and affect the normal operation of the box.

5. Ensure a stable power output environment

For commonly used appliances, stable voltage input is the key to maintain its normal operation. Unstable voltages can easily cause damage to parts inside the box. In general, the home's power supply voltage is 220V, so when you buy a box socket, it is best to use a stable voltage function of the socket, thus protecting the box power supply stable input.

6. Do not put the TV box in a greasy, moist environment

Electronic products that are in a humid environment for a long time can cause the metal plate of the main board to rust and corrode, affecting the normal use of its functions and greatly reducing the service life of the box.

7. Do not cover items such as cardboard on the TV box or place the TV box in a hidden corner

Such a placement is not conducive to the wireless reception of the TV box, which will cause the TV box to get stuck and splash when watching the video.

8. Regularly clean up unwanted software or junk files on TV boxes

Junk files can take up system and memory space, causing the system to run slower and slower. It is recommended that you regularly clean up uncommon files in your TV box.

9. If your home is not an old TV, try to use the HDMI HD cable to connect the TV. This will not only ensure the clarity of the video transmission, but also reduce the power consumption of the main board of the box.

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