TV box which is good inventory the most cost-effective box

TV box which is good inventory the most cost-effective box

Tage Webox

Equipped with top quad-core A9 processor, Samsung 1G ultra-fast memory Tate box. The main live TV and video playback "stable", "fluent", "no card." Taijie, who took the “boutique” concept, required each box to go through a rigorous inspection of more than 7 days before it could be listed. It was precisely because the Taijie box took the boutique route, which also enabled it to achieve a 97% reputation in the Jingdong Mall. Ranked the highest in the industry, in terms of live broadcast is a live artifact.

Price Comments: As the mainstream hardware configuration of the box, the market price is also quite appropriate, whether in terms of the quality of the box or video resources, not made at all times.

Huawei box

Huawei Box is a TV-side hardware device launched by Huawei for the Chinese market. As an entertainer of the TV box circle, Huawei also plays an important role in local video playback. Local playback of 3D and 4K video can be easily performed. Huawei's box is located in a medium and high-end 4K Internet TV box with an AV interface. Even if there are old TVs at home, it can be easily used. Its reputation in Jingdong Mall is also above 95%.

Cost-effective review: Huawei's box is a hardware device manufactured by a traditional hardware manufacturer, and Huawei has a certain status in hardware technology. This box is also quite good in the box market.

Lynx Box

Lynx Box is a cute TV box that is perfect for women. Its main "Internet shopping function" has been loved by many women. The box integrates shopping systems such as Taobao and Tmall. Even if they are sitting in the living room, they can also make purchases. But also can directly pay the gas tariff, can be very convenient life. However, it is important to note that members of the family who have lost their family must consider it. Lynx Box's reputation in Jingdong Mall is also more than 95%.

Price Comments: Lynx Box This box is also very good in the user's evaluation, the lovely appearance and mainstream configuration is to let it at this price of about 300 is not expensive.

Which is better for the TV box? You should also be able to choose the above boxes based on your own questions. The above three TV boxes are more popular. You only need to integrate the needs of family members. You can bring a very high price/performance ratio to your home. The box is up.

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