Sofa butler recommended the most UEFA Premier League live landing Tencent video TV version

Sofa butler recommended the most UEFA Premier League live landing Tencent video TV version

Happy to see children's shoes in the UEFA Champions League Premier League event! The history of the strongest and most full-scale event broadcast hits! You do not have to watch the computer to watch live or playback of the super card, the best live cool experience waiting for you to come! In addition, there is a good voice of China, otaku welfare girls' live concert live! ! !

The strongest match live broadcast table:

physical education:
8.29 - 22:00 Premier League Chelsea vs Crystal Palace 22:00 Premier League Liverpool vs West Ham 8.30 - 23:00 Premier League Swansea vs Manchester United

Music: 8.31 - 19:30 Girls' Generation Korean Concert

Variety: 8.28 - 21:10 China's Sound Season 4

Hanging young people's viewing methods: small screen computer - PC side: Tencent video - ultra-card, small screen, poor live broadcast experience!

Attached: Champions League and team information!

Up-to-date information As of now, 27 teams have entered the Champions League group lottery slot. Tonight's tomorrow morning's playoffs, another 5 teams will be born. The Champions League 32 and the new season will also be officially established. Champions League The group draw will begin at 24:00 p.m. on August 27, Beijing time.

UEFA Champions League is known for first gear: Barcelona (Spain), Bayern (Germany), Chelsea (England), Juventus (Italy), Paris Saint-Germain (France), Zenit (Russia), Eindhoven Wen (Netherlands), Benfica (Portugal)
Second grade: Valencia (Spain), Real Madrid (Spain), Atletico Madrid (Spain), Arsenal (England), Manchester United (England), Manchester City (England), Porto (Portugal), Leverkusen (Germany)
Third gear: Lyon (France), Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine), Olympiacos (Greece), Galatasaray (Turkey), Rome (Italy), Moscow Central Army (Russia), Seville (Spain) ), Shakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine)
Fourth gear: Mossing (Germany), Wolfsburg (Germany), Dynamo Zagreb (Croatia), Tel Aviv Maccabi (Israel), Ghent (Belgium), Malmö (Sweden), Borisov (Belarus), Astana (Kazakhstan)

Specific we can watch live broadcast!

Girls' Generation Korea Concert

Girls' Generation is a women's popular singing group launched by SM Entertainment Co., Ltd. in South Korea in 2007. It consists of 9 people including Kim Tae-woo, Jeong Soo-hyun, Lee Shun-kyu, Wong-mei Uk, Kim Hyo-Yuan, Quan Yuli, Cui Xiuying, Lin Yuner and Xu Zhuxian. 8 people perform performing arts activities. The Korean concert on the evening of August 31 is much anticipated. Don't miss it!

China Sounds Season 4

“Good Voice in China” is a large-scale inspirational professional music review program created by Zhejiang Satellite TV and Canxing. Each competition has attracted attention from the whole country. Now the 4th season of China’s good sounding situation has entered the most intense competitive elimination phase in the later period. Know who the Chinese voice will be eliminated this week, so don't miss it!

Having said so much, then the problem has come!

How to see the strongest live show! ! !

Gao Fushuai's viewing method: large-screen TV - TV side: cloud audio and video. Penguin (Tencent video) - big screen, sharing the whole family, Chang cool live experience!

Intimate Tips: The above live broadcast of the event is exclusive to Tencent Video! Can go to cloud audio and video. Penguin (Tencent video) to watch.

Tencent Video TV Edition

Tencent video TV version download address:

Want to watch live children's shoes: can go to cloud audio and video. Penguin (Tencent video) click to watch. Just turn on the TV and search for YST in a third-party application—Sofa Manager. You can install “Cloud Audio and Video. Penguin (Tencent Video)” and enjoy a live broadcast of a large-screen TV!

Finally, the guys who watched the game live on a day and night were advised:

Advice one: Law of life, daily life, do not for football day and night, and forget to enjoy the cost of football - a healthy body.

Advice 2: Try to avoid prolonged sitting for a long time while watching the ball. Watch for a while and walk or stand properly to avoid direct pressure on the prostate and increase prostate congestion.

Advice 3: Drink plenty of water and urinate more often than usual. Don't wait for the game to watch the game. The time to go to the bathroom is reluctant. The urethra often flushes through the urine to help discharge the secretions and prevent various male diseases.

Advice 4: Do not adjust the air conditioning temperature too low in summer nights. To prevent the neck from getting cold, pay attention to the warmth of the lower body and watch the TV when it is best not to lie down and watch.

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