Mainstream 55-inch high-end smart TV recommended by the market

Mainstream 55-inch high-end smart TV recommended by the market

With the advancement of science and technology, 55-inch TVs have become mainstream models promoted by manufacturers on the market today. There are a lot of brands and models on the market, and consumers are inevitably dazzled when they choose. Today, let's take a look at the mid-to-high-end 55-inch TVs. We recommend several models that are more exquisite and require friends to pay attention to them.

Cool open A55 Ultimate 4999 yuan

On July 15, 2015, Cool developed the annual flagship Smart TV - Cool open A55 Ultimate, this TV is designed specifically for "fruit powder" design, not only looks and Apple maintain the same style, but also with Apple iphone, ipad, MacBook Seamless "connection" and even remote control of the TV with the Apple Watch. Cool open A55 flagship listing price 4999 yuan.
Cool open A55 flagship

In appearance, Cool open A55 flagship adopts Apple's integrated design concept, integrated shell, reducing the senseless decoration, showing the texture of the material itself. The middle frame is made of all-aluminum material, and after 30,000 rpm high-speed diamond cutting, it maintains the same style as the apple product in appearance. The frame uses a one-time bending process without splicing gaps.
Functionally, the CoolOpen A55 Ultimate TV is the first Internet TV to use Apple AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring's exclusive wireless projection protocol. It can easily connect with a full range of Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. Through projection screen connection to achieve office without projection, really make the connection more simple.
The most interesting is the cool open A55 also supports the use of Apple Watch voice search video resources, video on demand and playback control. As the only TV supporting Apple Watch control in the world, users can also install TV-based apps on Apple Watch to easily achieve TV control. You can click on push on a small screen to play videos and experience a new perspective. Shadow experience.

Cool open A55 flagship with the world's top panel supplier LG offers original IPS hard screen, 38402160 Ultra HD resolution. Not only that, in the process requires a very harsh cool open, using a full metal base, matte material, whether it is the degree of screen fit or brand LOGO, are meticulously meticulous to do it.
In addition, the Cool A55 flagship version is still a three-in-one television, specifically for the elderly, young people and children to develop exclusive UI + content, equipped with three exclusive remote control to form a TV when the effect of three TVs, three The TVs do not interfere with each other and the switches only need to be pressed by the remote controller.

This cool TV is specially designed for fruit powder. The production process is extremely demanding. The minimal appearance of the Apple style, smooth and swift user experience, and wireless connectivity with Apple devices can be described as high-quality products. Currently, the official website offers 4,999 yuan. Great value.

Product Model: Cool open A55 Ultimate

Reference Price: 4999 yuan

Business address: Cool open official website Skyworth 55E62006599 yuan

Skyworth's high-end GLED family Slim E6200 series GLED family released in April, with ultra-thin shape to meet the current trend of electronic products to "thin" for the United States, the body's thinnest at only 12.6mm, called ultra-thin. The E6200 series is equipped with a cadmium-free wide color gamut, 4K MEMC+, E-Local Dimming and other image quality enhancement technologies. The front-facing audio system is designed with a 64-bit TV chip SOC64 and a 64-bit cool open system. At present, the 55-inch official website of E6200 is quoted at 6,599 yuan.
Skyworth GLED Slim E6200

Top quality 3 color 4K+ comparable 4 color 4K

Skyworth GLED Slim E6200 series uses 3 color 4K+ screen, and wide color gamut, MEMC, E-localdimming and other technologies, making its picture quality in 4K TV become a leader. Now, with the popularity of HD and ultra-high definition signals, how to achieve better picture quality on the TV and get better color performance, higher contrast has become the biggest topic in the TV industry, and the Skyworth GLED Slim E6200 is used even more. High-quality lampposts and backlighting solutions, combined with color filter adjustments, result in more pure R, G, and B primary colors, resulting in a richer color palette with up to 129% color gamut.

At the same time, the E6200 series completely overcomes the problem of dynamic tailing of LCD TVs for better dynamic performance, and adopts MEMC and E-local dimming technology for image quality enhancement. MEMC (Motion Estimate and Motion Compensation) is a motion picture quality compensation technique used in LCD televisions for motion estimation and motion compensation. The principle is to use a dynamic video system, insert a frame of motion compensation between the traditional two-frame images, and increase the 50/60Hz input of the ordinary flat-panel TV to 100/120Hz. In this way, the motion picture is clearer and smoother than the normal response effect, so as to achieve the effect of removing the afterimage of the previous frame image and improving the dynamic clarity, and reducing the image smear to the degree that the human eye cannot perceive. With E-localdimming backlight partition control, greatly enhance the TV dynamic contrast, but also to achieve the effect of energy saving.

Geek combination sound shock listening enjoy

The ultra-thin, cool appearance and excellent picture quality cannot fully meet the audiovisual needs of the consumer base. After all, sound is the second largest source of information for people. For a more enjoyable listening experience, the Geek sound combination is indeed a great choice. Its forward-facing design allows the treble to be free from any obstruction and its sound is more transparent. The rose gold horn network design also makes the overall shape more agile. At the same time, in order to avoid excessive sound and affect the overall design of the design of the United States, innovative bass from the front soundbar isolated as a separate sound unit placed in the back of the fuselage, so that the beauty of the modeling process and the top sound perfect combination, Created a new Geek audio combination.

SOC 64 The world's highest-end TV chip

Skyworth, as the world's first 64-bit new era of TV with 64-bit chip TV, led the way. The appearance of iPhone5s last year, equipped with the first 64-bit chip dedicated to mobile phones, a period of less than a year all kinds of 64-bit applications have mushroomed, but also forced Google to launch a 64-bit system, and Qualcomm, MTK, Hass Large chip platforms have also launched 64-bit chips. As a display-type electronic product, TVs have firmly established themselves in the living room, office, and school with their powerful display capabilities. Their application prospects are unprecedentedly large, regardless of whether they are movies or games. Entertainment, or future home education will all be an important direction of development, and all this will come from the mass production of 64-bit TV chips. In the future, the color TV industry will usher in 64-bit popularity, and television applications will also be further Move toward desktop-level applications.

64-bit cool open system is fast

The 64-bit CoolOpen system marks the proximity of the TV system to the computer-grade system, and its hardware potential will further excavate the release of the 64-bit system. For now, it is no longer easy to measure the pros and cons of a system because 64-bit platform systems will inevitably generate more 64-bit applications. To this end, the E6200 also integrates the most professional app platform of the current TV - Cool open application circle, under this platform, gives more developer opportunities. With the "TV school" software, it completely broke the gap between the screens of mobile phones and televisions. In the past, the history of small screens occupying large screens will never return. The convenient operation of the small screen, and the perfect display of the big screen, combined better through the "TV school".

GLED Slim with excellent hardware and software performance, has more possibilities in the game, the built-in Geek Box provides Geek quick hands, Geek fast investment in two major game channels, the use of Bluetooth peripherals, can miss the classic FC, You can also enjoy large-scale 3D games on the PS/PSP platform. For today's emerging mobile games, Geek Express is the best interactive platform for large and small screens. With the Wi-Fi wireless protocol, the screen on the mobile phone can be directly projected onto the TV, enabling small screens to be displayed on the screen. .

Comments: Skyworth GLED Slim E6200 series is not only thin and light. Its slim shape, excellent color performance, powerful chips and system configuration will definitely give the home a new digital life experience.

TCL L55H7800A-UD8999 element

TCL L55H7800A-UD uses elegant champagne gold design, equipped with a TV + OS system, has a WeChat connection, massive video content, etc., has become a well-deserved market favorite.

In terms of image quality performance, true color display technology using one of the core image quality enhancement technologies has been first applied to the TV+ flagship new quantum dot TV H9700, and it is perfectly matched with quantum dot technology, making the H9700 product up to 110% NTSC The color gamut exerts the full color gamut advantage of QD TV.

The TCL L55H7800A-UD is also equipped with full 4K technology, which can achieve the physical resolution of 38402160 perfectly and bring a clearer and more realistic picture quality experience than ordinary 4K TV.
TCL L55H7800A-UD is the first to apply TV+ true color display technology and the industry's top high color gamut LED backlight to achieve a comprehensive improvement of color quality values, contrast, energy efficiency, brightness and other picture quality parameters. In particular, NTSC gamut coverage reaches a staggering rate. 96%, far more than similar products, is the absolute leader in a new generation of high-color television.

The H7800 color performance of the second-generation new phosphor high-range LED backlight source has been greatly enhanced. At the same time, the energy efficiency is about 15% higher than the conventional LED, energy saving is more environmentally friendly, and the screen darkening caused by the long-term aging of the traditional backlight source is effectively solved. Even device damage and other issues.

Product Model:TCL L55H7800A-UD

Reference Price: 8999 yuan

Business address: Suning Sony KD-55X9000A13999 yuan

Sony KD-55X9000A is a 55-inch 4K ultra-high definition network TV with a high click-through rate. This TV has a 4K sharp image processing engine PRO and Terricolor display technology, which can realize the in-depth processing of 4K ultra-high definition video. So that users get more complete picture performance. In addition, there are a variety of smart applications, and you can watch online video programs. Businesses offer 13,999 yuan, interested friends may wish to look at.

The Sony KD-55X9000A uses the latest Sense of Quartz design. The pure geometry connects to form a beautiful outline. The crystal diamond texture made of metal and glass sculpting looks like a plane floating on an annular substrate. The smart LED lamp emits Color Halo, Sony BRAVIA presents you a novel look.

The body size is approximately 1463 x 749 x 100 mm (without base) and weighs approximately 33.1 kg (without base). The 55-inch screen has a resolution of 3840x2160, a screen ratio of 16:9, and supports the 2160P HD format. A best viewing distance of 4.5 meters is recommended.

Sony KD-55X9000A not only follows the previous 84-inch TV 4K sharp image processing engine PRO, but also added Sony's latest Terri charm display technology. The technology can reproduce the real color level, can make the color more pure and natural, and enhance the color depth. The green and blue colors that are more vivid and vivid in the red, and that are difficult to reproduce in the past, look more natural, giving you a more stunning visual effect.

For better transmission, Sony KD-55X9000A is equipped with HDMI interface, VGA interface, component video interface, antenna input terminal, USB interface, video input terminal.

At the same time support WIfi, 3D display, etc., is a cost-effective LED TV with 3D TV and Internet TV.

Product Model: Sony KD-55X9000A

Reference Price: 13,999 yuan Samsung UA55JS9800J19499 yuan

How can we lack the summer heat in the summer? In addition to iced juice and popsicles, an ultra high-definition TV is also indispensable. In particular, what makes people feel relaxed and immersive on the TV? How can they not be attractive? Now editors recommend a good ultra-high-definition TV SUHD SUZUKI Ultra HDTV for everyone. At present, Jingdong sells for 14,999 yuan.

Samsung UA55JS9800J uses top-level craftsmanship to invert the triangular metal frame design, especially on the basis of the curved screen to make this complex three-dimensional structure, so that the visual effects of the entire TV becomes very rich, the surface design can perfectly display the screen Location quality, the world's best 4200mm gold curvature, whether it is watching movies or playing games, let you cool to the end.

Equipped with a re-mastering quality engine, it can automatically optimize the color and brightness of the image signal, reducing both extra energy consumption and better contrast, making the image appear darker black and 2.5 times larger than traditional TV sets. With the brightness effect, users can experience clearer and brighter images while watching TV, and experience the magical journey brought by TV.

In order to guarantee the smoothness of the screen, Samsung’s unique Tizen intelligent system operating system is also used to bring more user-friendly experiences to users. Its open system platform is not only more intuitive and easier to use in the UI, but also more important. It also supports the development of web standards for TV applications, and it can be used across Samsung’s home appliances and mobile devices to optimize the SMART TV interface. The process of pushing mobile phones and PAD content onto TVs is also simplified and automated. Easy to implement, more user-friendly feature set and simple operation.

For Chinese users of set-top boxes, Samsung’s SUHD TVs also feature a “bright and pleasing” feature. When users watch set-top boxes and OTT boxes, they can effectively enhance the quality of the source by enhancing the visibility of the source images through the calculation of the TV's own image engine. , Reduce noise, ensure the clarity of the picture.

Product Model: Samsung UA55JS9800J Pride World Ultra High Definition TV

Reference Price: 19,499 yuan

Auto Glass Tube Fuses

Glass tube fuses are made by glass shell, some metal wires and two brass caps. Fuse is small safety part in an electrical device or piece of machinery that causes it to stop working if the electric current is too high, and so prevents fires or other dangers. Fuse in the abnormal current increases to a certain height and heat, its own fuse to cut off the current, to protect the safe operation of the circuit fuse protection power equipment with current overheating damage, avoid electronic equipment serious damage caused by internal fault. When a circuit breaks down or is abnormal, the current increases with the current and the increased current may damage some important components in the circuit, and it may also burn the circuit and even cause a fire. If correctly placed in the circuit fuse, the fuse will be abnormal current increases to a certain height and heat, its own fuse to cut off the current, so as to protect the safe operation of the circuit.

Auto Glass Tube Fuses

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